Dressings, Chutneys & Sauces

If you are enjoying a fritter, or an Indian pakora – you surely can have a chutney or any sauce to go with it. Chutneys, condiments and various sauces hold a prominent place in all cuisines around the world. So, even it is a white sauce, or garlic chutney, or maybe a date pickle – they add so much value to the main dish. View our collection and make them along with your tea time fries or even dosas, biryanis, baked meats and one pot meals. They are so easy to make and can be prepared in large batches and made as great accompaniments for any dish.

Popular Dressings, Chutneys & Sauces

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Peanut Chutney An exciting variant from the regular coconut chutney. It is healthy and great to be enjoyed with parathas, chapathis, dosas. This chutney does not con
Mint Coriander Chutney A truly refreshing chutney that can be enjoyed with pakodas, fries, kebabs, meat or veg rolls and even acts as a great fat free spread for your bread
Onion Tomato Chutney This is one tangy and creamy chutney, which can be enjoyed with dosas and grilled meats. It is slightly spicy, but will go well with both fried and ba
Coconut Chutney / Nariyal Ki Chutney Have you had the Indian dosa or idli? If so, you will understand the creamy and delicious coconut chutney taste. Coconut has many health benefits and
Sesame Coconut Chutney This is a creamy and nutty chutney to have with your chapathis, gruel, rice fritters, dosas and idlis. It is nutritious and loaded with healthy fats o
Mint Chutney A spicy condiment that is mostly used in Indian cuisine and even in Arabic cuisine. This sauce or chutney is very refreshing and when eaten with kebab

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