Chapati Dough Recipe
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Recipe Servings : 4-5
Preparation Time : 40 Minutes
Cuisine : Indian

The aroma of freshly baked chapati is simple warm, and you would feel right at home! So, who says you cannot make it at home? It’s simple, and super easy to make.


How to Make Chapati Dough Recipe

  1. Place wheat flour and salt in a bowl and mix well. Then pour little water at a time, and knead to get a soft non sticky and firm dough.
  2. You may use more or less water than mentioned.
  3. Knead for 5 minutes and then keep covered for half an hour.
  4. Now uncover, make small balls and roll out chapatti.
  5. Heat a griddle and cook the chapati well.
  6. Take 2-4 minutes per side on medium heat and cook until it puffs up.
  7. Serve hot with ghee, or curd and pickles.


You can mix oat flour or soyabean flour with the wheat mix and get a more wholesome chapati.

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