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For most of the mamas out there, preparing a complete nutritious meal for their families is a big chore indeed. And when you have few school going children in the house- meal plans will have to be even more creative. That is where we decided to help you.This section is dedicated to kids, who are slow to eat, or rather do not have the time to eat. All the recipes in this section are easy to prepare and can prepared for breakfast, tea time snacks and even for their daily tiffin. ry them, enjoy them, and share your valubale suggestions with us.

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Bread Paneer Roll ( Bread Cheese Rolls ) Teatime or breakfast or tiffin- this is a roll that can fit into any mealtime! Savoury paneer mix is packed into bread slices and rolled into soft rol
No Bake Easy Oreo Truffles Searching for a fun cooking project to let your kiddies try their hands at? Then, give this no bake Oreo Truffles a try! Just a few ingredients, and v
Easy Homemade Donut Recipe | Quick Doughnut Recipe Small snacks can make life so much better. Doughnuts or even called as Donuts are such delicacies that take us back to the childhood days. Try this ho
Easy Spicy Indian Egg Curry ( Dhaba Style Egg Masala Recipe) Here we have an easy egg curry for all ages to try! This restaurant style egg curry (Anda Curry) is tasty, healthy and the perfect choice for bachelor
Easy Pizza Recipe In Minutes| Tawa Pizza With No Oven Who says you need to go to the fast food centers to enjoy a pizza? No one! If you love pizzas, then take time to prepare this simple and easy pizza re
Soya Chunk Cutlets| Kid Friendly Soy Cutlets| After School Snacks If you need a veggie healthy snack that kids will enjoy with no fuss, then this easy and quick soya chunk cutlets recipe are the perfect choice. Only
Kid Friendly Easy Potato Smileys Recipe Who doesn' love potatoes? And if they are shaped into cute smileys and deep fried, the youngsters will be even more happier! Try these easy-to-make po
Dora Cakes Recipe Got kids in the house? Then you will know all about the cute cartoon character Doraemon and his love for Dora cakes. These are easy to make, and child
50-50 Biscuit Sandwich Bites Got a tea party round the corner? Well, these biscuit starters will save your day! They are quick to make and all kids and adults will love it alike.
Unnimadhuram ( Sweet Banana Balls ) Old or young- we all love sweets! Try this simple, and delicious sweet banana and bread fried balls. They are healthy and not too sweet- so the perfec
Birds Nest ( Potato Vermicelli Cutlet ) Try making these cute bird nests for any kiddie party and children will love it! They are completely vegetarian, easy to make and looks attractive too
Idli 65 Got leftover idli? And if you have a handful of unexpected guests, then we know the panic that strikes every cook! If you have about 4-5 leftover idli
Crispy Potatoes ( Spicy Potato Starters ) Love spicy starters? Get ready to bite into a lip smacking spicy potato starter. For those who have tried out Bombay's Gunpowder Potatoes, this will b
Mushroom Fritters ( Tea Time Mushroom Pakoda ) These easy-to-make fried mouthfuls of mushroom goodness is a must try! These fritters just have a slight hint of spice, so even children and adults ca
Tikona Nimki ( Spicy Layered Crackers ) A Holi special snack. It's savoury, crispy, yummy and easy to prepare. the famous Tikona Nimki is great to be carried for picnics and served to those
Date Fritters This is a special recipe for the Iftar time. But is there is a specific to enjoy some sweet nutrition? Take these date fritters, whenever you are hung
Instant Noodles Pakora | Masala Maggi| Yipee A great recipe to fix those hunger pangs on cold, rainy days! Plus, these are all basic ingredients that you use daily. If you have a packet of any in
Easy Fluffy Pancake Who doesn't love a good old pancake? Pancakes are an easy to whip up breakfast recipe. They are filling, versatile and bring us a lot closer to home.
Easy Fried Maggi Noodles Recipe Whenever you are hungry, a packet of instant noodles is the best companion you can have. This time, why don't you learn how to make fried maggi noodle
Bread Rolls With Stuffed Potatoes One of the tastiest and famous monsoon snack that can be made in a jiffy if you have leftover boiled potatoes. These bread rolls are a favorite at hom
Ghee Roast A popular fast food and served as a street food in major cities as snack with combination of sambar, chutney recipes. We have used a normal dosa batte
Banana Dosa This light, delicate and filling dosa with the goodness of bananas offers amazing fluffiness that makes it overwhelmingly delicious. It is a nice chan
Mushroom Omelet Mushrooms are the go-to option for vegetarians looking for Vitamin D rich food. When we think about antioxidant rich food, brightly colored veggies c
Egg In A Hole This is a simple yet visually appealing dish. The kids are bound to love it. This is a wonderfully sim ple recipe that is perfect for lazy Sunday morn
Cheese Garlic Bread This delicious toast made with cheese and coriander leaves is a simple recipe for breakfast or evening snack. This sandwich packs a whole lot of savor
Bread Omelette An easy recipe that all new cooks can try a hand at! It is made with all basic ingredients and can be prepared within a jiffy! Healthy, tasty and stoc
Capsicum Cheese Toast Sandwich This delicious toast made with bell peppers or also known as capsicum is a simple recipe for breakfast or evening snack. This sandwich packs a whole l
Potato Bajji Potato is a versatile vegetable. It is a favorite with both kids and adults. This humble food when combined with the street food vibe of Pakoras, make
Chili Pakora Pakora is a favorite with both kids and adults. You can make pakoras with onion, potatoes, chilli, capsicum and pretty much any vegetable in your pant
Spicy Banana Fritter Pakora is a favorite with both kids and adults. You can make pakoras with onion, potatoes, chilli, capsicum and pretty much any vegetable in your pant
French Toast This is a simple yet yummy breakfast dish. The kids are bound to love it. This is a no-brainer recipe that is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings, when a
Sausage Pakora Sausages Pakora or Sausage Fritters serve as excellent meals on a busy day. They are also a tasty snack or starter and you can make these delectable s
Peanut Butter & Jam Bread Rolls Who doesn't love a good ol’ Peanut Butter & Jam sandwich? This is for all those P B & J lovers out there. The kids would love this easy, yu

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