Bread Omelette
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Recipe Servings : 2
Preparation Time : 15 Minutes
Cuisine : All

An easy recipe that all new cooks can try a hand at! It is made with all basic ingredients and can be prepared within a jiffy! Healthy, tasty and stocked with proteins.


How to Make Bread Omelette

  1. Add a little oil to a heated pan.
  2. Mix all ingredients (except oil) in a bowl and beat nicely.
  3. Once oil gets hot, pour the egg mix into the pan.
  4. Wait for the egg to firm a bit and then flip over.
  5. Once both sides are golden brown, you can transfer it to a plate.
  6. Next, toast a buttered bread slice into the hot pan.
  7. Place half of the cooked omelette on top of bread and top with another buttered bread slice.
  8. Flip the sandwich to get both sides of the bread omelette to a golden brown colour.
  9. Transfer to a flat plate and slice the sandwich into 2 triangles.
  10. Serve hot.


Serve it with orange juice or milk for breakfast. It makes a quick dish for tiffins.

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