Tomato Cucumber Sandwich
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Recipe Servings : 2
Preparation Time : 10 Minutes
Cuisine : All

If you plan to go on a trip or picnic, the first thing that comes to the mind is food that is healthy and easy to prepare. What can be better than the Tomato cucumber Veggie Sandwich which is very filling tasty and full of flavor. One of the summertime favorite delicious munch with combinations of cucumber and tomato that tastes crunchy and feels satisfying.


How to Make Tomato Cucumber Sandwich

  1. Take the bread and remove the sides of the bread. Toast the bread until it becomes crisp.
  2. Take the soft butter and spread it evenly over the bread slices to prevent the bread from turning soggy. 
  3. Pour chaat masala, curd or cheese, red chili flakes, pepper powder and salt. Spread the spice powders and salt evenly. 
  4. Put slices of onions, cucumber, tomatoes.
  5. Repeat the sprinkling process with pepper powder, salt and chaat masala powder. enough salt and spice at this stage.
  6. Take another slice of bread and cover it while pressing the bread down gently. Cut to squares or triangles.
  7. Serve tomato cucumber sandwich.


You can add some thin sweet onion slices too. Try the recipe with mustard sauce.

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