Rose Petal Wine
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Recipe Servings : Makes 4 litres of wine
Preparation Time : 2 hours
Cuisine : All

Rose petals have a soothing aroma. This wine will have a delicate, flowery flavor with a slight tangy touch. The final drink will have a pale pink sparkle and contain a smooth body to the drink. Enjoy this festive season with a unique wine.


How to Make Rose Petal Wine

  1. Boil 3 litres of water in a large pot. Then leave to cool.
  2. Take a well washed, and completely dried and wiped porcelain or glass pot that has a lid.
  3. Pour the boiled and cooled water into the pot.
  4. Wash and pat dry all the petals.
  5. Add the ingredients along with petals and stir well.
  6. Keep covered with the lid.
  7. For one week, you need to open the lid- once a day and stir with a long wooden spoon.
  8. Then tightly cover the lid and wrap the top portion with a thick cotton or muslin cloth.
  9. Again, for one week, just shake the pot in a steady circular clockwise motion- without opening the lid.
  10. Leave it to rest for a month in a place with no disturbance and that which is free from dust.
  11. After one month, open and strain the liquid into a large bowl. To strain, pour the liquid petal and orange mix through a muslin cloth.
  12. Pour into sterilised glass bottles and serve as required.


The more you preserve and keep, the more refined the wine will turn out to be. Ensure that you keep it in place where no disturbances are there. That helps a lot for the wine to ferment and take shape.

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