Maggi Noodles Kathi Roll
Bread | Chapathi | Noodles
Recipe Servings : 2
Preparation Time : 15 Minutes
Cuisine : All

This Maggi Noodles Kathi Roll can be enjoyed for brunch, or even if you crave for a light dinner. Bite into one of these flavourful kathis and you will no more return to the Indian street foods. Perfect choice for bachelor meals and this variations are plenty. Go ahead and roll a kathi in a matter of 10 minutes.


How to Make Maggi Noodles Kathi Roll

  1. Boil water in a saucepan.
  2. Cook the maggi noodles with the taste maker as per instructions.Keep aside.
  3. Spread a little tomato sauce on top of the chapathi.
  4. Fill the chapathi with some carrots, cabbage, and the chopped onions, and also the maggi noodles.
  5. Roll up the kathi roll to get a firm and yummy kathi roll.
  6. Wait no more and dive into the roll!


We have added a few veggies for the roll, but you always add crumbled paneer, add more vegebales like corn, capsicum and even try non vegtarian items.

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