When we think of postpartum depression, we automatically associate with an issue suffered by women. But latest medical research have found that even new fathers do suffer from the same problem.

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What’s the finding?

Many fathers witness a steep decline in their testosterone levels after their children are born. This could occur on an average about nine months after the bay is born.

The Good News for Women

It is true that men get depressed, but another interesting result was that their partners- that is, the young mothers were not suffering from much depression problems.

So, there is an opposite effect for the partners. Now, that is the case if the man gets a low testosterone. But what happens if the men get a high testosterone level?

If High, then?

When men get high testosterone levels, it would have a negative effect on the relationship between the partners. They would begin to act hot tempered, upset, moody, and would begin to show stress in all their patterns of thinking and dong their daily chores in life.

So, why do fathers gets affected with childbirth?

We often feel that since mothers have to deal with breastfeeding, nappy changes, late nights and baby related tantrums- they are the ones who tend to face childbirth depression.

So, how come fathers also suffer?

Get a glimpse of what research reveals:

Families where children are looked after by both parents are noticed to be more stable in character and are calmer in minds. Parenting is an art of tactics gained by experience.

In such families, fathers are the breadwinners. They take part in the upbringing of the children right from child birth.

But some findings suggest that since fathers are not naturally tuned to multitasking compared to their partners- they get tired, tensed and depressed fast.

Also, fathers get depressed when young mothers are busy with the little babies and spend less time with their partners. This could lead to loneliness.

Apart from this, fathers who sit to look after new born babies develop low testosterone levels. It comes from being depressed and also because they long for affection and company from their partner.

Solution for all father

Your baby is and should be your prized joy. If the father and mother can share the duty of looking after little ones, understand each one’s mental and physical problems- perhaps all fathers and mothers could stay safe from Postpartum depression.

Be positive and learn how to positively parent your child.