Are you diabetic? Are you a smoker? Are you worried about your heart health or do you fear that you might suffer from a heart failure or heart attack in near future? This cardiovascular diseases risk calculator will help you assess the situation and let you know your risk of suffering a cardiovascular disease during the next 10 years.

This cardiovascular health assessment tool is based on Framingham Heart Study and it helps in judging your absolute cardiovascular risk. The result of this test is in percentage (%) will let you know whether or not you are at a risk of suffering a heart failure in future.

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Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator
mm Hg

Who should take this cardiovascular diseases risk test?

The chances of heart failure increases as you grow older. The CVD risk assessment test is highly recommended for people above the age of 40, though people of any age group above 20 can find out their heart health using this calculator.

Diabetic patients as well as heavy smokers are also suggested to take this test to determine their heart health as they are at a higher risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases.

People with a family history of early cardiovascular disease are also adviced to take this test.

Advantages of taking CVD risk assessment test

The result of this test will help you figure out how vulnerable you are to suffering from heart diseases in future and based on the result you'll be able to take preventive measures.

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