Long lives are like an inborn dream in most of us. Uh, no, don’t frown at me and say, ‘Not Me!’

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I would still say ‘Yes’, because we all have an endless list of unfinished dreams in life. When one finishes, we wish and hope to live a bit longer to see a bit more beauty of this life.

That is our urge to long lives and believe me, it is nothing bad- after all – we are just human!

Now, for this, we try new treatments, food diets, fitness regimens and what not. But the latest research has a few delightful insights on long living to throw at us! Wanna know more about them?

Ageing and low life expectancy can be a dream now: Research Study

At the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg , they have a rather interesting story to share with us.

Read on and find out what foods can actually help you live long.


This mineral has got immense capacity to activate molecules in our human body.

  • Once the molecule if activated, it can protect against oxidative stress.
  • This is one factor that will help us to be healthy. Once healthy, our cells can regenerate faster and therefore help old cells to die off faster.
  • Plus, that will slow down the ageing process faster. 
  • Zinc is a type of compound that protects the body from superoxides that has been found responsible to burn out the negative energy and stress that gets locked up in the physical body.
  • Superoxides are known to destroy the human body cells and that is what lead to ageing. 
  • Further more, these harmful oxides give way to the development and growth of many deadly illness like cancer, inflammation, and even neurogenerative diseases. 
  • Zinc cuts the potency of such superoxides and enables the body cells to rehabilitate and strengthen within themselves. Thus the immunity power increases and people can tackle diseases in a more organized manner.

Food with Added Zinc

Researchers feel that zinc minerals can be used in a lot of other foods. 

  • They suggest that zinc can be added to tea, chocolate and even coffee to boost the longevity of our human lives.
  • The highlight of this mineral is that it is less toxic to the body compared to most minerals in the body. That is one reason why it is deemed as safe to have in our daily diets.
  • It will reduce the oxidation and burn out of the cells and thereby slow down the ageing process in human beings.


Heard of the saying, ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ ?

  • Well, that is the case of anything that you do in life. Too much and the goodness of the purpose is lost and in fact it tends to have a negative effect.
  • Similarly, zinc is actually taken to reduce the oxidation process in the body. But if you take it in large quantities, it doubles the effect and increases the oxidation process in the body. So, that is going to hurt the body in the body.
  • So, keep it minimal and organized!
  • Next, if you add too much zinc in wines, the mineral will lose its goodness within the wine. So, add very little to give a bit of goodness to the person who enjoys wine.

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