Hugging is often considered as an expression of love. But it has more health benefits than we would have ever imagined. You’ll be surprised from what the latest researchers have to say on this. Take a look!

Let’s start with a fun fact on Hugging!

Why do you think Koalas hug trees?

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Aaaw, isn’t this guy cute? Yep, and that is why we find them so adorable!

  • But, the brainy guys at James Cook University say there is a reason behind their affectionate hug to those trees. Do you know what that is?
  • Australian koalas are quite sensitive to heat. And so, to cope up with that heat sting, they resort to resting under these huge leafy trees.
  • Such trees are cooler inside and that helps them keep cool and comfortable!
  • By hugging a tree, their body is saved from dehydration and that helps them survive the scorching heat.
  • As per research, the tree trunks are cool in terms of temperature and can absorb emitted from the body of the koala.
  • Once their body is cooled, the animal is at ease and relaxed.

Hug this thought: So, the hugging act is actually an act of survival and de-stressing the koala during those hot days.

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The Right Hug versus the Left Hug

Weird, but seldom we notice such small gestures that we do. Have you realized that whenever we go to kiss or hug a person, we opt to put forward the right side of the body?

I haven’t done in consciously, but after reading this, I start looking around- and found that there is some truth in this!!

So, why do we hug with the right hand always?

  • Well, this goes for most of the population in this world. Yeah, I know there are few people who may reach out their left hand- but that is just a minority. 
  • Also, there is not good or bad with regard to the left touch or the right touch. But most people across the globe are right handed.
  • An interesting study conduced at the Ruhr-University Bochum stated that, when you meet a person you love or care for or perhaps a guest – you kiss or hug – and this is an accepted norm of social touch and acceptance.
  • Do you remember how you kiss or rather how to tilt your head when you kiss? Some of us would not remember all that, as we are in the excitement bubble. That's ok and understandable! 
  • So, then maybe I could explain this with a movie seen. Well, take a visual scene of kissing. Most of the people seem to tilt their heads to the right and then kiss. Have you, uh, noticed?

If not, go take a look and come back- I will explain the reason behind this.

Okay, the research goes like this:

  • Most people prefer to tilt their head to the right during a kiss, or put forward the right hand during when they want to hug someone.
  • It is because they always use the dominant hand for such activities.
  • Even when women carry their babies, they carry them with their left hand, so that their right hand (or dominant hand) is left to do other works.
  • Such simple social touches are done by instincts and definitely not planned. It is the game of the human brain.
  • They reason out that left side of the brain stores all our emotions.
  • And that takes on an effect in the right side of the body. So, that is why most people react or show their reflexes with the right hand.
  • In most cases, the left side of the brain is stronger and therefore, people show their love and social interactions with the right hand.

Hug this thought: The next time, you extend your right hand to give a shake hand- thing that it is human nature and that was what later developed into a social custom of greeting with the ‘right hand’.

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A Hug keeps the doc away!

Heard of apples keeping the doc away, but never heard of the power of a hug to keep those doctors at bay!

Well, if you passed off a smile like how I did before reading this- you may wanna take a look at what the research team at Carnegie Mellon University feels about the Hug.

Hugs are healthy for a reason

  • Hugs are often used as a medium of relaxed social support. We are social beings, remember and a hug can soothe us a lot!
  • Specially, if the person is stressed, that warm hug can de- stress him/ her beyond explanation. 
  • In short, there ain’t no better medicine than a hug for a person who is depressed, upset, totally feeling down and even the people who are affected by Alzheimer’s.
  • These patients may not express the happiness or relaxation their mind tends to feel once hugged, but research shows that the brain nerves are relaxed, and the person will look calm and composed.

Another fact with regard to the Hug Cure!

They also pointed out that if there are people who are suffering from a lot of allergies, from viral infections, influenza, cold, cough, skin infections and so on- a hug can decrease the regular onset of such infections!

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Wow, are hugs that beneficial?

  • Surely, these researchers are not talking by the slip of the tongue!
  • What they say is that- when the mind is at stress, the immune system if the body also weakens down considerably.
  • The experiment showed that when people are hit by stress, their bodies fall prey to a lot of virues and one that affects most is the cold virus.
  • But when people are given more social support, more hugs, more talks, and basically more care- then their immunity levels unconsciously rise and that helps them to combat the plight of viruses.
  • Out of the all the social supports, a hug, a physical contact, a touch, a sincere intimacy- is what makes all the difference!

Hug this thought: Next time, you have a sick person in the house- try to hug and comfort them. It is not about having sexual connections, but assuring them – that you are by their side physically and mentally.

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Shoo Away Distress with a Hug

Just stress, and climatic related diseases, we have another aspect to deal in life – and that is lovingly named as Distress.

Yes, we all face that at some point of the day, week, month and in our lives. 

I have noticed- if you have had commitments and responsibilities in your life- then distress is a regular non friendly slimeball who slides in beside you!

No natural cures are there – that would offer a substantial relief to the problem, but perhaps an external source could help people in distress. Could that be a hug?

How can call off a distress with a simple hug?

  • It isn’t easy, I must say- but science says a hug has the power to melt down that painful distress any person feels inside them.
  • We all have that bugging mood swings (especially women) and whatever be the reason- it is quite difficult to deal with.
  • You see- when your mood is on the wrong side today- you or even I end up with some silly conflict with someone or the either. It could be your spouse, your kid, your parent, the guy next door, your grocery chap, colleagues, the public servants and who else! Maybe someone you would have met for the first time even!
  • Or if you are a social media freak- then maybe those chats would go haywire on your moody days!
  • So, that needs correction and attention!

Know How Stressed You are right here!!

Research Says:

  • If you are a loner, then you tend to fall into the moody zone more often. This goes for men and women alike.
  • But regular interpersonal connections, those silly touches and hugs, can improve the psychological and physical health of the body drastically.
  • A hug has the capacity to buffer off that conflict among people.
  • For instance, a couple had a fight, but a romantic touch is more effective than just a phone call to rectify those hurt feelings that linger on – in each one’s mind.
  • A conflict can cause a lot of interpersonal stress within all who were involved in the conflict. And as this stress lingers, it causes unhappiness, depression, lack of motivation and even negativity breeds in such an atmosphere.
  • A touch is so soothing and relaxing, and makes way for the brain to relax. 
  • Kindly note that though this research is in its teething stage, it looks promising and results show that a hug can make a lot of positive difference in the relationship between people in any situation.

Hug this thought: Conflicts are bound to happen in life, but we all can be forgiving. For this, share a hug, say it’s okay and let the relationship continue. Here, this does not pertain to a couple relationship alone, but with peers, colleagues, parent and child, and what more. A hug is more effective than a million words.