Diabetes is a name that has entered most of our lives and still we don't realize through which source it may have come. Know the symptoms of diabetes- because the earlier you cure it, the better

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Oh, my gums are bleeding!

A spurt of glucose in the blood would lead to the gums bleeding. The first symptom would look like swollen, reddened gums and if this is not treated well, it could lead to bleeding of the gums. That is surely going hurt and will damage the gums, teeth and inner nerves.

Tired to the Core

There are those dreadful days when our body loves to see that cozy bed, and all of us would have experienced this feeling. With this kept aside, there are phases of life when you may feel tired all the time. Your head may feel heavy, your eyes may be dropping all the time, your may be lethargic and you will not be enthusiastic at any time of the day. Of course, this does not happen to all, but if you do notice this symptom in your body system, then this calls for a blood checkup. It could eb indicating that your oxygen levels are low, which means that glucose is reducing and thereby you could be feeling weak.

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Itch, itch?

This means that you are having a lot of itching in and around the vaginal areas. This is certainly not a good sign, as it indicates that the body is highly susceptible to bacterial infections and a lot of yeast infections. Though this itching sensation is fairly ignored as it does not cause a lot of discomfort, people avoid to examine themselves. But since you are aware now- maybe you should re-examine your body from a different angle.

That wound is not healing?

A diabetic patient can best find out the level of health in their body, when they get an injury. If you have cut your finger or bruised your body, then this is the time to watch out. If it heals fast within a couple of days, then you are in safe zone. But at the same time, if you feel the wound is still sore, reddening, and if by any chance, pus forms, then this is nothing that you can put aside. If the body cannot heal fast, then the body is struck by diabetes. It is because the immune system is weak, that is why the blood cannot clot and cure from within.

Cannot hear properly?

Diabetes has a problem of damaging the nerves and this is the reason why the hearing capacity of the person starts dwindling. Just like the eye loses power and fineness of sight, so does all the sensory organs in due course of time.

Pain and numbness all over 

If you cannot feel your senses and feel a bit numb inside your body, at the tip of fingers and toes, then you it is time you recognize the feeling of diabetes. As diabetes gets worse within the body, the nerves could get damaged and that is what causes the numbness. For certain people, they could experience a swelling or tingling hit of pain within the bones.

Feeling thirsty?

Thirst is quite normal for everyone, but when you are bound to experience an unexceptional thirst, then this calls for some speculation. Here you ought to understand that it is not a common phenomenon to feel thirsty so quickly and this clearly indicates you need to get yourself checked.

Sweating a lot? 

We all sweat a lot. This is natural and in fact is good for the body. But when a diabetic patient sweats, it can go a bit out of control at times. Since their metabolism cycle has been altered adversely, the body will overwork, and this heats the body, That in turn will make the body perspire profusely.

See everything blurred?

As the blood sugar in our body rises, it can cause a lot of discomfort on the way we see things. Diabetes will spoil our vision and we tend to find it very difficult to focus and see everything clearly. So, a person may either see a blurred vision or may feel like they are seeing doubles . When this happens, you should remember that the retina is disturbed and that is why, all the vision is getting distorted. To fix it, you will need to go to the optician.

Losing weight?

Mostly diabetic people eat a lot and the amazing fact is that such people do not gain a lot of weight. The fact that we understand is that all the muscle protein gets broken and thereby, the person becomes lean. Also, the kidneys seem to work a lot as they are constantly breaking down the food that the person has eaten. This exerts the kidney and damages it very quickly.

Need to pee often?

So, this is connected to the above point. You will obviously need to pee a lot when you drink a lot of water. This tendency of passing urine very often is often linked with the inability of the body to control their sensations. Therefore, it is here that we understand that diabetes seems to be getting into our system.

Mouth is awfully dry!

Hmm, did you know that the mouth is affected by diabetes the most! It’s true, as medical researchers have found this common symptom in almost all diabetic patients. The mouth and tongue can feel sore and dry for most of the day. This may be one of the reasons why people have a tendency to drink a lot of water when they are diabetic.

My skin is problematic!

So, do you have those disgusting looking pimples, blackheads and acne? It may feel horrible, and if you have diabetes, these skin problems are set to aggravate. Research found that it is not diabetes that is directly causing the skin problems, but in fact it is the body that is reacting to diabetes. Our body has a self defensive mechanism and in order the body from diabetic attacks, it sorts to fight by creating itchy skin and its related skin issues all over the body.

Enormous appetite

If you tend to gorge on a whole lot of food, then it is time you visit the doctor. It is the hunger that drives you to eating uncontrollably. A reason for this, according to doctors is that, the glucose started getting burnt and under utilised when a person is having diabetes. This could lead to a level of no self – control, which may give way to obesity and heart related issues for various people.

Muscle cramps?

If numbness seems to affect you, then at a later stage of life, your calves will set into painful cramps. This happens only if you have diabetes. This is because diabetes affects the nerves of all the body parts and that stops the blood circulation of the entire body. So, as the body goes cold, the cramps happen to affect the body more frequently.

These are the signs and symptoms that you need to lookout for, We pass this valuable knowledge because many a time, it was noticed that people do not realize that they could be suffering from diabetes until they reach a very later stage of this health problem.