Who doesn’t love a few foodie indulgences once in a while? There is no problem, and that would make our mind and body happy as ever. So, indulge, but don't overdo it. Being fit is a way of life that each one of us need to adopt.

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This is a necessity and in fact we need to be responsible to our body. The point is not to stop eating completely, but to adopt a healthy lifestyle to burn off those extra calories. 

Research shows a new angle to fitness. There are many of us who:

  • Do not like to fast or stay hungry
  • Do not like to go to the gym
  • Do not like to have the so called healthy foods
  • Cannot think of a life without fries, burgers, and ice creams

And this list could overflow this page...

But truth, is every body can take in all this, until it hits a breaking point in life.

That is when a ton of diseases, and obesity makes a silent, deadly visit into our lives.

Of course, our research guys do know the agony we are dealing with and therefore, have come uo with a fun method to reduce those unwanted kilos. Let’s see what they have in their kitty.

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Burn Fat, Slim Down, Be Healthy Using Public Transport

Did you just blink and wonder what I am talking about?

Same here, I was clueless when I read about this article. It is one awesome research article that was presented by the University of Illinois College of Engineering and they felt there is a much easier method to kick obesity out of the human system. 

It is by using the Public Transportation System!

Well, don’t make a face at this, coz this team could prove their study also. 

How can the Public Transportation fight obesity?

The normal public transportation system provides revenue to the government and also provides budget friendly transport to all people within that area. In their study, they did a comparison check of people’s health in 2001 and then in 2009; and also between people who used the transport system and those who did not use. The findings showed that when the number of people increased their usage of public transport usage, this had a positive effect on their health. The obesity level of these people had reduced slightly. The details are right below.

The Bonus of using the Public Transport System: Your obesity levels will reduce considerably.

Some points that they highlighted were:

  • When a person has to board a public transport utility, they usually need to take up the chore of catching the bus.
  • So, that means getting out of their residences, and walking right upto the bus stop. This entire process would repeat at the end of a day also- when they head back home. This would indirectly be a form of exercise.
  • It is a time when they would walk briskly and that would surely exert those muscles and limbs. 
  • A few minutes walk each day, would be enough to burn off those calories and that is how a public transport system helps us.
  • So, essentially, we are not taking out more time for exercise or fitness classes. We could burn off fat right through the normal routine of the day and that would often go unnoticed.

A Final Note on the Transport that could shed obesity

This research is true to an extent, but it does not mean every person who travels via the public transportation system would reduce their level of obesity. If this mode of life is chosen on a regular basis, then that would result some weight reduction or else the chances are limited.

Still, on a wider view, when more people use public transportation systems, they will unknowingly stop the pollution levels in the environment. Then it helps people also reduce their daily expenses and therefore this can improve their lifestyles. So, evenually, usage of the public transport system is good fro us and the environment.

Would you Opt for this method?

If you are one who is struggling to bring down that flab, melt those kilos- take this advice and tips from these researchers. Skip the private vehicle and get hopping onto the public transport system every day. This is one method that needs no special rules or monitoring – so travel as much as you like and get fit!

Personally, I recommend this for all people who absolutely have no time on their hands for exercise. Keep your vehicle in the garage and go for a brisk walk to the bus station, catch the bus and return back home in the same style!

Watch the slim change that comes over you, in a short period of time.