When you come to think of slim and fit, there are many other criterion that needs to be considered.

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Here we have a few superfoods that will help you in the process and at this moment- we would just like to remind you about two things and they are:

Never think that the body can reduce weight at the moment of time. It has to be taught or rather induced to reduce weight and that brings down the weight.

Whatever type of diet you undertake, give the body some time to assimilate into it. You cannot expect the body to absorb the changes and immediately reduce a few kilos instantly. So, be patient and wait for the results to show. This type of result can be reflected only after a time of a minimum of 6 months or so.

So, for this, nowadays researchers do not recommend any particular diet to eat all day. Rather they prescribe that you use certain foods that will help to burn off the excess fat that remains in the body. These are very basic food items, and you probably would have been consuming them also. 

But how many know that if you have these foods on a daily basis- it can shed those excessive fats that linger on to the body?


A great root vegetable that can be eaten with meats and even added to stews. The vegetable is known is to low in calories and has a relatively low level of glicemic acid in it. Plus, the vegetable is also rich in vitamin C and that makes it an excellent fat burner for all ages. 

Research shows that raw veggies are the best for the body. But, in this case you cannot have raw turnips and hence you can just half cook it and add it your salads. This will supply all the nutrients and fibre the body needs. Mash it up, or sauté or roast it- the dish is guaranteed to be a success. 


The next highlight of our weight reduction foods collection is the garlic. A simple spice that we love to add in all our dishes. If it is India, it is a must in all sorts of gravies, sauces and even stir fries. Now, once you are in Italy, we doubt, you will be able to have any savoury dishes without the inclusion of a tid bit of garlic.

Why garlic?

It is a strong pungent smelling spice and it has many curative properties. The spice can reduce inflammations, reduce the entry of infections in the body, burn off fat and is extremely good at melting down the bad cholesterol of the body.


Hmm, this is a leaf and so what is so special about this? Well, looks can get deceptive, but we will tell you why lettuce is a great source of getting those fat molecules away from the body. Make this a part of your salads and you will see the difference in your body.

Just make sure that you use fresh leaves that are available at the farmer’s market. Watch it carefully and serve them fresh. Do not cook them, as they are way too delicate in texture and feel. The leaf is loaded with manganese and vitamin B. This helps to flush out toxins in the blood and also ensures that the insulin produced in the body can be regulated. Since it naturally cleanses – the body weight can always be kept on a check. 

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Before, we have include turnip in our list of natural fat burners. Here, we also included radish and why is that? This brightly coloured vegetable is one thing you can have raw or cooked. It has that inner heat or rather a minty taste, which makes this a wonderful veggie to be eaten at time. It is best accompanied with roasted meats and fish.

What will you get from radish? Since it is one vegetable with very low calories, it does not aggravate the existing body weight of our body. So, that makes it a very attractive option to be part of your daily meals.


Well, we know there are many coffee lovers out there! One more happy news for the coffee fans out there is that – coffee is a great weight reducer! This is one beverage that has zero percentage of calories in it. Of course, we add in the calorie by tipping in sugar, but as such- it is calorie free.

If you start your day with a cup of black coffee and it will be your one stop solution to curing obesity, Parkinson disease, diabetes and also intestinal cancer.


This is super effective entry that we have included into the list. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and that is one essential component that aids in burning the fat within the body system. Along side, it helps in a steady body metabolism process thereby reducing the cases of heart diseases.

This citrus fruit is a low calorie plant and thereby should be consumed everyday. As per dieticians, if you have a glass of lemon juice with no sugar – the first thing in the morning, it will help flush out the toxins and excess fats in the body.


Now, the last on our list is the Kale greens. The reason we shifted it to the last was that, not all places have this green leafy vegetable. Still, if you can get hold of spinach leaves or even are mustard greens, they will serve the purpose.

If you can steam the leaves and blend them into a great smoothie, you will be drinking one of the best fat burners ever. As such Kale is rich in folic acid, zinc and also many vitamins. They help to clean the digestive system and flush out any toxins that are present in the liver. So, get yoru kale packs today!

Now, there is one thing that you need to understand here:

All the above mentioned foods are organic and natural. So, even if you have a bit too much of them in a day- it won’t harm you.

Always try to stick to a timetable when it comes to eating patterns and then your body will slim down in a natural and steady manner.

Try the foods we have listed for about 3 months and see the positive difference it makes in your life.