We all love to achieve that single digit size, but if you pass by a fast food joint- then maybe these fitness milestones would go to the backdrop! Well, we all have gone through that phase, and that is clearly sometimes fad diets never seem to work well for many of us. 

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Instead, research has opened a new and much easier foodie door to good health. It is much easier to follow, provided you have the mind – to shed those extra kilos! Just look at this list of special food items – they are natural and raw- and they hold the trick to getting you that celeb look! 

Why don’t you take a glimpse below?


I do like spinach on my plate, but not everyone does. If you can get baby spinach, it is best that you eat them raw. Or else, just buy a handful of the large variety and toss them in some butter, garlic and enjoy with any fish or white meat that you like. 

What goodness can it offer us?

This leaf, if eaten twice a week, can give all the zinc, iron or rather folic acid, and even vitamin K that the body needs for a period of 5-8 days. It is rich in antioxidants and that is helps break down the fat molecules in the body. All unnecessary fats can be burnt down and expelled from the body.


 The next on our list is this bright coloured fruit- the glowing tomato. Well, it glows in its beautiful red colour and research says that this food- is a huge fat burner. Now, all of us do use this in our drinks, sauces, stews and what not! But the fact is that it is cooked and that sort of reduces the fat burning power of the fruit. So, research recommends- take it in raw! This can be through salads or fresh fruit juices.

What goodness can it offer us?

Have it daily, and best of you take it raw. It is fibrous, protects the skin from UV radiation, has a lot of vitamin C which all aid in controlling the bad cholesterol in the body. So, even if you are having a roast meats, just include a platter of freshly sliced tomatoes and enjoy the whole meal.


If you can think of low calorie, then this is one crunchy veggie that will make your day! You get this in all markets and make sure you buy only fresh ones. Break into small florets, and rinse in clear salt water to clear out any insects within the tiny florets.  Then steam it and serve in your soups or enjoy with a dab of butter on it.

What goodness can it offer us?

It is loaded with fibre, minerals and a lot of vitamins. These help in digestion and also provides the right amount of antioxidants to fight off any type of cancer and excess stubborn fats that stick on near the heart. So, enjoy your broccoli meals and stay slim.

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Not many people, include watercress in their diets and in many places – it is not available. Now, for those who cannot get their hands on watercress, try substituting it with some radish sprout or even some spinach. Watercress is tender yet crunchy and has a slight lemony, peppery taste to it. Of course spinach is not peppery in taste, still it does have the same goodness.

What goodness can it offer us?

Watercress is a tiny leaf and it contains a lot of sulforaphane inside. Now what this component do to our body? Well, it acts like an antibiotic and thereby helps in getting rid of many diseases from our body system. It can fight off cancer and also keeps the immunity power of the body under check. This helps in the metabolism of the body under control and thereby helps to control the weight of the body. 


Another low calorie vegetable is the cabbage. In the past, diets included cabbage soups and even cabbage salads to get people back into shape. Even medical experts, say that you should have cabbage about 3- 4 times a week and use it in raw form, or in salads and see how fit you will look and feel inside.

What goodness can it offer us?

Cabbage is a bunch of leaves stacked up well in such an organized manner. It is thin, tender, chock full of nutrients. If you think about the goodness, there is only about 22 mg of calorie in about one cup of chopped fresh cabbage. So, isn’t that low enough? It couldn’t get better!


 Another vegetable that never looks good and neither does it taste too good. But trust us, if you can get some asparagus into your pantry and get it cooked, your body will love it. One more thing, it is not a sure tasty stuff, but if you don’t mind- take a bite of this once a week and keep your calories in check. It cooks fast and takes excellent when roasted with garlic and a dash of olive oil.

What goodness can it offer us?

Asparagus is actually the lily flower shoots, which makes it an expensive commodity. But when it is in season, you can plenty at relatively affordable prices. It has many benefits like being anti- inflammatory, clears blood clots, cleanses the digestive system and also is rich in Vitamin B1. It has fat burning properties making it one of the best low calorie foods that adults can have. If you child is really obese, then you can try giving them a few asparagus sticks in a month or so, because children grow and needs fats. So, if you encourage more exercise into their daily living, then food control will not be such a problem.


The last on our list is the humble cauliflower. A flower on its own, but is used as a vegetable. It is never eaten raw, but chopped or riced and then sautéed and baked to perfection. Since its taste is very mild, you can mix it will a number of vegetable and meat or poultry combinations.

What goodness can it offer us?

The vegetable can solve many health problems like digestion, heart diseases, cancer, eye and boen health etc. It is also low in calories, but will give the body the required energy. This is why people who are on diet scheme- generally replace their starch portion with cauliflower. It does not make them fat and yet they have the health to do their daily activities.

Guess, you must have got an idea of what to eat and also how you need to consume them. All natural foods you get in nature are extremely good for you. So, even if you are a foodie, it is fine. Just balance the meals with some of the above mentioned low calorie treats and plunge into all foods you like with no guilt or tension at all.