Mother Nature with its vast assortment of herbs and spices has goaded man to work out a unique array of permutations and combinations for self as well as social benefit. This in turn has contributed to the value of life and living. Organic green tea is one such goodie of nature. With its perennial nexus to the bill of health, organic green tea is one of the natural inputs of Asia. Mostly found in the Chinese clime, the cultivation, growth, harvest and processing of organic tea is given the minimal twist so as to enhance its natural quotient.

Organic green tea- growth and cultivation

With the commonplace insistence on natural ways, growth and cultivation of organic tea involves little or no use of artificiality. Consequently, chemically derived fertilizers and insecticides rarely accompany the growth and cultivation of organic green tea. Emphasis is given to optimize its health enhancing aspects. Harvested thrice annually, organic green tea comes in two essential varieties- 1) the shade grown variety 2) sun grown variety.

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Equal insistence is given on the quintessence of nature when it comes to packaging. Eco friendly and naturally produced items such as jute and recyclable paper boards are made use of for the purpose of packaging. With its link to the folklore and tradition of China, origin of the green tea relates to one of the Chinese legends.

According to the legend, Sheo Nong one of its emperors was always on the lookout for herbs and spices of medicinal value. In course of one of his searching sprees, he came across one which assisted in the toxin drainage. The natural ingredient happened to be the herbal tea/green tea.

Uses of green tea

Mostly grown in China and varying regions of Asia- organic tea is both a beverage and an effective means of health enhancement. It also has its role to play in the curative package of diseases. Having to totter under the malicious influence of aerated and caffeinated beverages, organic green tea makes for a refreshing makeover.

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Organic green tea- potential and process of production

Beneficial prospect of organic green tea relates to its enriched content of polyphenol oxidase in addition to antioxidants of differing kinds. Before analyzing the health benefits of organic green tea, it is important to delve into the multifaceted potential of the same.

Another health enhancing feature relates to its content of Flavanoids. Green tea preserves this substance in the form of ‘catechin’. Much of the health enhancing factors of green tea relates to its process of production/cultivation.

It is important to note that the milder variation of tea is based on the use of leaf bud. The leaves accompanying the bud are also used. The bud along with the green tea leaves is merely roasted. Roasting is followed by drying. The sheer absence of fermentation, serves to retain its useful compounds.

Moreover, the cultivation of green tea doesn’t involve the use of pesticide. Rather, some of the naturalized method of controlling pest is resorted to. Lunar cycles guide the time of reaping, cultivating, producing and harvesting. This in turn, helps preserve its quintessential value.

Health benefits of green tea

Both antioxidant and flavanoid work in unison to unleash an extensive assortment of benefits. While antioxidants help the body eradicate harmfully proactive free radicals, flavanoids happen to be the enriched sources of anti-malignant cure. Free radicals deactivate the immuno-physiological procedure of the human body. But antioxidants serve to deactivate the interplay of free radicals.

With an added boost given to your immunological system, you are less than likely to be victimized by infections and other serious ailments occurring owing to an impaired immune system. Regulated consumption of organic green tea also lessens the susceptibility to malignancy.

As a matter of fact, ‘flavanoid’ content of the green tea is made use of in one of the curative regimens of cancer. Organic green tea is significantly beneficial and has its deals in rejuvenating each and every organ of the human physiology.

With stress of modern mechanization taking its toll, organic green tea not only serves to pep you up, but reduces the likelihood of stress related diseases such as hypertension, strokes and cardiac attacks. According to researchers, one of its antioxidants serves to add to the stress tolerance ability of people.

It has its contributions to etch even in the beauty care regimen and weight control. Besides assisting the body to shed its excess fat, the antioxidant content of the green tea is effectively beneficial for adding to the luster of glowing skin. By adding to your shine and trim, it arrests the process of ageing.

In case you are bothered by irregular bowel habits, the same may be taken care of by the regular intake of organic green tea. It serves as an effective cleanser, serving to overcome bouts of constipation and bowel irregularity. In ensuring the same, the beverage add an edge to your chain of digestion. Thus the health benefits of organic green tea are numerous.

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Preparation pattern of organic green tea-How to prepare green tea

Preparation pattern of organic green tea centers on the prospect of brewing. Generally, brewing time is mentioned in the tea package. Brewing allows the beneficial compounds to sink in.You are required to insert the tea sachet in a cup full of boiling water.

Don’t insert it in course of boiling. Thereafter you are required to brew and strain. Use of sugar is optional. But serve it hot for a cup full of refreshing vitality.