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Stress is quite inevitable as we scale up in life. For certain people, it affects them very badly. They may not be able to cope up with reality and that could affect their health and sleep.

Causes of Stress

Due to the job pressures, city life lifestyles, oily and fatty fast foods, pressurized tasks and a highly engaging social life, people can get stressed and frustrated. Too much of stress can make a person lose sleep. That can make them tired.

Apart from that, lack of sleep and mental and physical stress could lead to cardiovascular diseases, obesity, headaches, personality issues, lack of confidence, and worst of all- they could sink into depression. Stress can be awful and you need to learn how to deal with it.

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Medical research Reveals

As per the Japanese Sleep Institute, there are natural ingredients that can effectively reduce stress and help the person enjoy a sound sleep.

The Sweet Stress Reliever

Sugarcane and similar such products can keep stress at bay. Once stress is put to ease, the brain finds it easier to go to sleep and give the mind and body a rest.

The whitish skin or layer that appears on sugarcane and referred to as Octacosanol helps to reduce the tendency of the human body to have stress. Apart from sugarcane, other food stuff like wheat germ oil, rice bran, and bee wax all supplement Octacosanol.

A large number of tests have been conducted and it has been found that on consumption of such foods on a regular basis- not only does the stress levels reduce, but also it helps to go back to sleep without the intake of any medicines like sleeping pills.

Octacosanol has been tested on mice via oral intake. These mice were subjected to stress and after taking octasanol, they were able to experience a sound sleep.

Benefits of this Sleep Inducer

  1. It is natural
  2. It is a food based compound
  3. No side effects have been reported
  4. It has been noticed to be a useful therapy for curing insomnia.

So, now you can indulge in a bit of sugarcane sweetness before bedtime and reap the benefits of sound sleep.Ensure that you have sound mental health.