For all the women and men out there, you may often wonder why women behave in a certain manner why exhibiting love and affection. Women are naturally gifted with maternal love and for that we ought to give thanks to the love hormone called ‘Oxytocin’.

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What is Oxytocin?

We don’t want to bore with the science of the term, but rather will feed you with magic behind this hormone. 

This is one hormone that builds the intimacy, bonding, and love within a female to her family, spouse and children. This is indirectly increased or decreased as people develop trust for any particular person.

Where can you get the Cuddle Hormone: Oxytocin?

Over the years, this hormone can been synonymously linked with the terms like ‘Love Hormone’ and ‘Cuddle Hormone’. So, what is this exactly?

It is a hormone that is secreted by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland. 

The reason behind giving the hormone such names is that – when the hormone is secreted- the person will have a tendency to love, snuggle and bond more deeply with people they love!

For example, if you are the one who loves dogs- a playtime with your dog- could also enable the secretion of the Oxytocin Hormone.

It is mostly found within women and it can be clearly seen in the case of women who are going through childbirth and also those who breastfeed their children.

The Hormone is one that is responsible for starting the uterine contractions during a childbirth process.

Similarly, when a baby begins to suckle a mother’s breast,  this stimulates the breast and consequently releases oxytocin. 

Once this happens, then milk will trickle down and reach the nipples so that the baby can feed on the milk.

Oxytocin Facts That You Should Read!

Well, on the whole this hormone plays the role of the Good Samaritan in the mind and body of the female- but yeah, like everything has two sides of the same coin- so we should know the good and the ugly faces of this hormone.

#1 Your Social Environment Looks All Rosy!

Guess the basics on Oxytocin has been understood- now here is one interesting point of the hormone. 

In one of the latest studies done at the University of California- Davis , they revealed one astonishing fact and here it goes-

For your Attention: Just as much as a Love Hormone – Oxytocin can make you love, feel bonded, it also has the capacity to make the person feel negative deep inside. Why is that?

Oxytocin Research: For Acceptance and Defence Mode

Nowadays, this hormone is used by many to improve their social relationships. 

For example, if you know a person- then this hormone helps you mingle and bond with the person on a much more free level.

It has been found that oxytocin intensifies the body’s behaviour while interacting with people they know and are happy to be with.

But, on the other hand, if you find that you landed in a social party 

  • with a lot of unfamiliar faces
  • or maybe a few faces look threatening
  • or perhaps unfriendly guests are invited,

then the same hormone will prevent you from going forward and mingling with them. 

Point Made: Oxytocin can make the mind avoid people,  and also unfamiliar social situations in life. But, when they find familiar people, it instils the perfect Cuddling approach. People greet, and embrace each other due to the positive effect of the Oxytocin Hormone.

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#2 Sync and Let the Pain Go!

We all are social beings by nature and therefore need mental and physical company to move on in life.

A study done by the researchers at the University of Colorado a Boulder showed that a touch by a partner can bring down all the pain in the other person. That small touch of love is all you need to extinguish the fire and pain that is locked up within the person.

For your Attention: If you have a loving partner and spouse by your side, then you are one lucky soul. The bond is great, and what’s more is that- every touch could heal many physical ailments and pain within the body.

Pain Dissipation

The study proved that when an understanding partner holds the partner who is in pain, the pain gradually decreases and the person will be in peace. 

This gradual and peaceful change was noticed in childbirth and hospital delivery rooms, and though painful- slowly the couple’s brain waves used to sync, then their respiratory rates used to follow suit and finally the woman was able to go through the whole process in a less painful manner.

Though not clear whether the pain disappears, the researchers could understand that the more empathy one partner showed, it did have positive effects on the partner who was suffering.

Still, people also wonder whether this is because of physical connection of opposite genders and whether the same results would be seen in he case of same sex couples.

Point Made: If you can this sort of painless, and opiod free treatment to your partner all your life- it will be the best gift you give them. So, touch, embrace, and be with them- as they suffer the ordeal. Slowly, as breathing rates and brain waves move together- this will decrease pain and even increase the trust and bonding bonding between the couple.

The Final Note:

Oxytocin is God Gifted and it is so natural. Accept and use it to your maximum, as it may help your partner smile in peace. Not only does it build partner relations, but it also bonds family relationships.