You never know- but a small habit could be reason why you are safe and sound today- from the face of cancer. 

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First of all, how many of you are women larks? And how many do not know who is a lark? Well, no issues about that. I believe that if you have a mind to learn, then that will be first step to improvement in life.

So, going back to the larks in our life. This is something that is familiar to all, but often we may not know the term as such.

When you get to know about it- you’ll be telling me, ‘Oh yeah, I knew about this all while’.

So, Who is a Lark?

Now, this means any person who is an early riser and can work better during the early hours of the day.    One who is able to mentally and physically function better is normally a person who we can call as a lark. 

In the case of women, we can term such women as ‘Women Larks’.

So, are you one or do you know one such lady?

What’s special about Women Larks?

According to the latest research done at the National Cancer Research Institute , they have found out that is a woman is a lark, then she has reduced the risk of getting caught under the chains of breast cancer.

What about Women Owls?

These are women who sleep late and even rise late. So, overall their metabolic system and efficiency would reach at its highest point at night or late hours of he day.

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The Cancer Research

The research wanted to find a relation between the way people slept and the way they were affected by cancer.

The results were weird and surprising.

For the experiment, a lot of parameters were taken into consideration like sleep duration, insomnia, and even the time when they slept. 

Facts About Sleeping and Cancer

  • From this, people found out that those who were able to wake up early and get working- could be less affected by breast cancer.
  • It also pointed out the fact that the more time they slept, the more they were at a risk to get the ill effects of breast cancer.
  • Another side of the research showed that the habit of working more efficiently in the mornings would could not substantially change the risk factors that affect a woman.
  • A lot of the risk pertains to the natural body clock and this cannot be just altered with just a change of habits. 
  • The research further on went to express that probably night shift jobs and the more exposure to light at work – could be another deciding factor for cancer to evolve in the body.
  • On a normal rate, a person ought to get 6-8 hours of decent full night’s sleep. But if this does not happen due to problems of insomnia or inconsistent sleeping hours – then that could cause an issue in the metabolic working system of he human body.

What Does this Research Imply?

  • The results are many and the research has still not dwelled into a final phase of findings and results. But they do have a few words of hope:
  • In order to reduce the risk of breast cancer, it is always necessary that you sleep a sound sleep for at least 6-8 hours.
  • By a continual practice, if a person can change their body clock system, then it may have some posiive effect in the long term.
  • Natural sleep is a deciding factor, so, quit going into any late night activities and the like.
  • If sleep can cure a lot of diseases, then this is one- so sleep well.
  • Do not let other activities eat up your sleep time.

Once sleep falls in the right place, then the mental and physical health also will fit into the right puzzles. So, don’t miss your sleep ladies.