Cancer is a disease that will shivers down our spine. But, you need to know it is one that can be defeated by the grace of the God and also by the action of medical breakthroughs. This special day is dedicated to all those who suffer the mental and physical pain that goes along with this dreaded festival.

World Cancer Day 2024 is on February 04 Sunday

4 months and 13 days to go for the event

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When is the World Cancer Day celebrated?

Every year, the day is celebrated on the 4th of February and that reminds the world to love, accept and support cancer patients, their families and research in the best possible way.

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 Themes of the World Cancer Day

For the past few years, the world has been witnessing the themes that have been projected for the World Cancer Day.

2011:  Cancer can be prevented

2012:  Together let’s do something

2013:  Cancer Myths- Get The Facts

2014:  Debunk the Myths

2015:  Not Beyond Us

2016- 2018:  We can, I can

2019- 2021:  I am, and I will

All these campaigns aimed a breaking the fears connected to cancer, and making people understand what the disease was actually, and how it should be tackled.

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What can be done on this day?

World Cancer Day aims know more about the cancer disease, as education will put away a lot of fears and provide more substantial cures to the person.

It is a global movement to spread the message of courage and love to all who are living a life of cancer.

The initiative was brought to force with a mission to bring the entire world together and cure all from this  horrific epidemic. It works towards equal treatment, and diagnosis for any type of cancer. Furthermore, they have engaged and funded for a lot of researches related to cancer and this will prove to be helpful for the cancer affected people around the world.

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When did the World Cancer Day Begin?

The World Cancer Day was brought to the world on February 4th, 2000, during the World Summit Against Cancer at the New Millennium at Paris. 

It was an initiative that was started out by the International Cancer Control- one of the oldest and largest International cancer organization. It aims to unite the cancer community and reduce the burden and pain that haunts every cancer patient and their family.


World Cancer Day festival dates between 2020 & 2030

2020Tuesday, 4th of February
2021Thursday, 4th of February
2022Friday, 4th of February
2023Saturday, 4th of February
2024Sunday, 4th of February
2025Tuesday, 4th of February
2026Wednesday, 4th of February
2027Thursday, 4th of February
2028Friday, 4th of February
2029Sunday, 4th of February
2030Monday, 4th of February