AIDS/ HIV is a deadly disease that have been killing of people around the world. And that needs to be put to a stop. This is why the World Aids Day was born in 1988.

From then on, the committee has spread its hands and service to all parts of the globe to make people aware and reduce the incidents of Aids and HIV in the world.

World Aids Day 2022 is on December 01 Thursday

3 months and 23 days to go for the event



HIV is known as Human Immunodeficiency virus infection whereas AIDS is known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The first cases were spotted in west and central Africa.

What you must know about AIDS or HIV?

This is a disease that lives in the person for quite some time and is a silent killer.

The person may not know that they have the illness.

Instead they may face a lot of other immunity deterioration problems like influenza, cough, fever, digestion issues, skin problems and pain in the body.

Note: Rapid weight loss is one notable symptom of the killer disease and that needs immediate consultation.

So, it can kill the person very silently and that is why it is deadly. People may go and treat for normal flu or fever, without realizing the real killer behind the scenes.

How does such sexual diseases spread?

The disease spreads through body fluids and even tissues of the body.

So, it could pass during delivery of children, breastfeeding and the entire pregnancy period.

If you touch the blood of the infected person- that could be dangerous.


The Importance of World Aids Day

On this day, various organizations and celebrities take part in the humble mission of spreading awareness about AIDS and HIV.

A lot of street plays, discussions and free medical check up stalls are set up to help people test and be safe.

Alongside, people are given the medicines with no cost whatsoever and that helps reduce the cases of the diseases.

People need to understand that so far no vaccine has been found. But there is a special antiretroviral treatment that helps to stop the infection from spreading within the body.

So, this will reduce the impact and slowly kill the existing infectious cells too. 

If no treatment is taken, studies show that people make survive about 10- 11 years after the virus begins attacking the body.

HIV/AIDS is not to be considered lightly as it spreads and is marked as a pandemic. 

It can pass to the child during pregnancy and that could be dangerous. So, do nto be ignorant or have false conceptions in mind. It will only strengthen the disease.

How you can help reduce this issue?

Practise safe sex. Use condoms and do not let the disease pass on to the next human being.

Get educated more about the disease. Get yourself checked and even encourage your friends to check themselves.

If you are in a culture that does not encourage such tests, then please purchase self testing kits that will help you get results within a short period of time.

Push the stigma away and learn to accept AIDS patients in society. The disease will not pass just through a handshake or so.

So, do not alienate them, but help them recover and get back to a normal life soon.


World Aids Day festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Sunday, 1st of December
2020Tuesday, 1st of December
2021Wednesday, 1st of December
2022Thursday, 1st of December
2023Friday, 1st of December
2024Sunday, 1st of December
2025Monday, 1st of December
2026Tuesday, 1st of December
2027Wednesday, 1st of December
2028Friday, 1st of December
2029Saturday, 1st of December

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