Empower, Recognize and Equalize the Living Being Called Woman

On the International Women's Day the world will recollect and reflect on the treasured moments of how a woman would have influenced every man's life in a positive manner.

International Women's Day is the day when every individual remembers that a woman is not a commodity- but a human being who deserves equal rights and recognition in this society.

International Womens Day 2024 is on March 08 Friday

5 months and 15 days to go for the event

International Womens Day Image Source: IANS

Know the History of Women’s Day

This special day is celebrated around the world in many countries. A day when the real worth of ordinary women comes to the limelight!

First National Women’s Day

The world’s first women's day was observed on 28 February, 1909 in the United States. It came up after a garment laborers strike took place in New York. This was the first time when women fought for much better working conditions.

After that, women around the globe fought for their rights for varied reasons. Once the International Women's Day was formed to stop any aggression and inhumanity caused to women.

Who helped to affirm equality for women?

In 1945, the Charter of the UN was the first International and official agreement that stood for the rights of women. The Charter reflected on the principle of equality for both the sexes. With that, the UN also developed a collection of rules, programs and goals to improve the social status of women all over the world.

The Importance of the Day

On the International Womens Day, the world takes time to understand and recollect the progress made in this world by women. It is a movement to call for change and also appreciate the courageous acts that were depicted by ordinary women.

If there have been any changes in the world, it was the dedicated contribution of some women that help the present day woman to achieve her dreams in a much easier way.

THE IWD Themes of the Past

In 2000, the UN theme was: Women Uniting for Peace

In 2001, the UN theme was: Women and Peace: Women Managing Conflicts

In 2002, the UN theme was: Afghan Women Today: Realities and Opportunities

In 2003, the UN theme was: Gender Equality and the Millennium Development Goals

In 2004, the UN theme was:Women and HIV/AIDS

In 2005, the UN theme was: Gender Equality Beyond 2005; Building a More Secure Future

In 2006, the UN theme was: Women in Decision-making

In 2007, the UN theme was: Ending Impunity for Violence Against Women and Girls
In 2008, the UN theme was: Investing in Women and Girls

In 2009, the UN theme was: Women and Men United to End Violence Against Women and Girls

In 2010, the UN theme was: Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress for All

In 2011, the UN theme was: Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women.

In 2012, the UN theme was: Empower Rural Women- End Hunger and Poverty.

In 2013, the UN theme was: A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women.

In 2014, the UN theme was: Equality for women is progress for all.

In 2015, the UN theme was:Empowering Humanity: Picture it!

In 2016, the UN theme was:Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step it Up for Gender Equality.

In 2017, the UN theme was:Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030.

In 2018, the UN theme was:Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women's lives.

In 2019, the UN theme was:Think equal, build smart, innovate for change.

In 2020, the UN theme was: I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rights.

In 2021, the UN theme was: Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.

In 2022, the UN theme was: Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.

In 2023, the UN theme is: DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.

International Womens Day festival dates between 2020 & 2030

2020Sunday, 8th of March
2021Monday, 8th of March
2022Tuesday, 8th of March
2023Wednesday, 8th of March
2024Friday, 8th of March
2025Saturday, 8th of March
2026Sunday, 8th of March
2027Monday, 8th of March
2028Wednesday, 8th of March
2029Thursday, 8th of March
2030Friday, 8th of March