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February 08 : Do you secretly love someone? Or perhaps you both have love vibes blooming in you, but have not yet grabbed the perfect moment to say ‘I Love You’? Well, as the knowledgable people say, don’t let this wait anymore. Spill out your deepest romantic feelings this 2020 – during the famous Valentine Week 2020 .

Did you know that Valentine’s Day 2020 is not a one-day affair, but that which extends from Feb 7 – Feb 21, 2020. So, practically, we are in the month of real love! Many of us, are only aware of the 'Special Day of Love', which is celebrated on the 14h of February every year. But, there is much more around this one. The Super euphoric Valentine’s Week is a process from the time you get to talk to the person, let them know what you feel, then move on and check how compatible you both would be together.

This Valentine is all about instilling the message of love, compassion, and care to your fellow human beings.

The Complete List of Love Days in the Valentine Week 2020

Rose Day -7th of February

Roses are the symbol of love, and on Rose Day- the expression of love should be symbolically celebrated with a bouquet of roses. And different colors of roses have varied meaning. While red is for your special one, yellow is for the person you care about. That could be your friend, sibling, and colleague and parent.

Propose Day- 8th of February

The name says it all! Go ahead, and propose to the one who is capable of making you skip a beat! This is just the second day and propose in style with lovely Whatsapp status videos .

Chocolate Day- 9th of February

Chocolate is the best way to depict the concept of love and pamper your Valentine with this sweet delight this year. A little overload of sweetness is never too harmful to anyone on this day.

Teddy Day- 10th of February

Get your inner child fantasies out and gift your special one with a teddy. When you turn on that kiddish side, you will know how sweet and innocent love can feel on Happy Teddy Day.

Promise Day- 11th of February

Promises hold the key to the foundation of any relationship. This Valentine 2020, keep promises that are meant to stay and not broken. Avoid giving hopes, as that would hurt a lot – when not fulfilled.

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Hug Day- 12th of February

Technology is fun, social media lets the whole world know about your love, but trust us, nothing is so heartwarming that a warm hug. Get intimate, get real, get face- to face and make your loved one feel cherished

Kiss Day- 13th of February

The day before Valentine is the biggest moment of love. Get your kisses right, and shower love in the best way possible. Make every moment of the Kiss Day worth remembering for a lifetime.

Valentine’s Day- 14th of February

Ah, with proposals, giggles, a few tears, a raunchy kiss over- now the masterpiece of the week has come. Hurray, get your Valentine – the best gift, wear the best clothes, some romantic music and build on the love vibes in full swing. True, they say – you need to express love the whole year around. But, when is a day for this kind of celebration, why not make a blast of it?

After the dreamy and happy story of love, some need to go through the wrong side of love too. That is what happens after Feb 14.

Slap Day- 15th of February

A fun day, to crack in your emotions. A slap should be your medium to express love, and not hurt. Set those egos aside, and enjoy a slap in a light-hearted way.

Kick Day- 16th of February

If love seems crazy, well, surely The Kick Day will take you on a roller coaster ride. Get kick lend a fun kick, and have a great time with your friends. Not sure, why it was created- but in some places, this also happens to be the day- when ex-lovers meet and celebrate.

Perfume Day- 17th of February

A fragrance can amplify your senses and bring out the love in the coyest person around you. So, play around with perfumes, and let love play around your life in naughty style. After all, a good fragrance is a notable and proven therapy to cure people, bring in peace and positive vibes within all.

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Flirt Day- 18th of February

Flirt talks are the norm of the day when you are celebrating Flirt Day! Just have fun, no strings attached and get close with someone just for the heck of it!

Confession Day- 19th of February

All the naughty days are over, and now spill the beans on Confession Day. Yes, it’s crazy hard, but stay calm to talk about the truth and also listen to your partner. After all, who doesn’t make mistakes? All deserve a chance, right?

Missing Day- 20th of February

Why complicate life, when you have options to make it easy? If you miss your special one or crush, then just pour your heart out and speak up! If you are down, it is okay to make a call. That voice could wipe off all the blues!

Breakup Day- 21st of February

Breakup Day is all about when a couple decides to go on different lines of life. If experiences are bad and toxic with your partner, is perfectly right to move on. Say goodbye with a smile and promise not to hurt each other again in life. Failure in a relationship is not the biggest drawback in one’s life. Go enjoy with friends and do not let sadness rule you.

If you are in a confused state about whether you are in love or not, probably, you need to check the truth from this super-intelligent love calculator. This Valentine, stay safe, stay happy and most of all stay sensible while making a decision.

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