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October 23 : Diwali 2019 , is a time to get united with your family and friends. It’s that time of the year when you are excited to get gifts from your family and friends. In the midst of Lakshmi Puja, and the Diwali evening parties, do not forget to give your family members some gift. It could be something that they really wanted, or probably you felt that it would be useful for them. Choose gifts that could be traditional, eco- friendly and useful to the receiver.

Our Diwali gift ideas are something that anyone would cherish. These could be found in any store. So, move on further below.

Precious stones

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diwali gifting ideas for earring

Buy jewelry that contains precious stones or gems and leave the person in awe of your choice. It is classy, and something that they would cherish all their life.

Amazon Echo

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Tech gifts for diwali

For the one who lives and breathes in a tech-filled life, maybe the new Amazon Echo will be the best gift for them. You can order this online or do a bit of research and shopping to get the best deal from physical stores.

Indoor Bonsai plants

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Eco- friendly gift for diwali

From city life, it is always nice to add a bit of nature fresh green in your living premises. Nowadays, you could such small Bonsai plants to add more oxygen to your life. Jade plants that come in small earthen pots, or succulents, or even a small bamboo plant that can be placed in water in a cute transparent glass bowl will be appreciated by those who care for their health and the health of the environment.

Indoor air purifier

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Eco- friendly gadgets can be gifted to a loved one for diwali

Keep a mile away from pollution once you reach home. Purifiers are an expensive commodity these days, but it is great for families where there are old people and babies. They need a bit more care than the rest. This gift would be something that they would always cherish.

Mirror frames

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Special gift ideas for Diwali

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Mirror frames add more beauty to the home. These coloured reflections are great for any person. Plus, this is a trending novel gift that people love to get always. There couldn’t be a better time than Diwali for this


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gold bangle to gift

An Indian woman is naturally born with an innate love for gold. This Dhanteras, you can bring in gold into your homes and also gift some gold to your loved ones. You can prosper and watch your family prosper too.

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Makeup & Personal Grooming

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Women in bright red lipstick

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gifts for deepawali

Be a man or woman, we all need to groom and be squeaky clean. Choose makeup kits from Nykaa or any other, and also grooming kits, and make them look flawless. These kits may be a bit pricey, but the splurge is worth it.

Spice Potli

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spice potli for festive seaosn

Spices and Indian food go hand in hand. So, this one is a great choice for the cooks at home. Instead of working with plastic containers, buy such potlis and add more definition to your kitchen.

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