You'll find a number of financial tools and money related calculations which will help you plan your investments, savings, Loan repayment, mortgage amortization, retirement income planning etc...

Currency Convertor - Daily Foreign Exchange Rates

Find daily currency conversion rates of all major currencies. Compare Todays Forex rates and Currency Exchange rates of one currency with another. Our foreign exchange rates calculator is very user friendly with easy currency conversion options.

EMI Calculator - Calculate EMI on Home Loans, Vehicle Loans etc...

What is the EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) payable on Home Loans, vehicle loans or any other loans based on interest rate and payment period? Use our EMI calculator to find it all this. Also determine the total interest payable, flat interest rate, payment schedule etc...

Amortization Calculator - Mortgage, Loan Amortization Schedule

Determine the mortgage amortization schedule with this amortization calculator. Calculate the loan amortization table along with the monthly interest, emi, scheduled monthly payment of interest and principle, total interest etc... Also find the payoff date.

Savings Interest Calculator - Optimum Savings, EMI and Interest

Calculate how much you need to save each month to save a certain amount of money after a certain period of time. This savings calculator will help you plan your savings for future. Find out when you'll become a Millionaire based on your monthly savings.

Loan Repayment Calculator - Loan Payment Tenure & Schedule

Determine the loan repayment schedule and the payment tenure of Home Loans and other loans. This simple financial tool will calculate the tenure of a loan based on the monthly repayment and the starting month of emi payment.

Retirement Savings Calculator - Retirement Amount Planning

Retirement calculator is a financial tool which will help you and guide you in planning retirement. How much savings amount do you need when your retire?? Find answer to this question. An online retirement planner to determine your retirement savings requirement.

Investment Return Calculator - Calculate Return on Investment

Calculate the return on your investments using this retirement calculator. Find the growth periodic investment after a certain number of years at a certain rate of interest. Calculate the savings and interest on a systematic investment plan at the end of investment period.