Use the EMI Calculator below to calculate the EMI on loan. Determine the monthly installment payable, the amount of interest paid and the amount of principle paid on certain amount of loan.

EMI Calculator - Find EMI payable on loans

To calculate your EMI, enter the loan amount, tenure and the rate of interest in the boxes given below and click the 'Calculate' button.

EMI Calculator

EMI or Equated Monthly Installment is a mode of repayment of personal loans, home loans, vehicle loans etc... Low EMIs are always advisable as they are easy to manage even if the level of income is low. The online EMI calculator given above will help you calculate EMI.

If you are planning to buy a vehicle or a house and if you don't have ready cash at your disposal, bank loans help you realise your dream. These bank loans can be repaid on a monthly basis in easy installments along with a small interest. This Free EMI calculator is a finance tool which will help you calculate monthly EMI as well as EMI interest payment on loans.

Using this Loan EMI calculator you can find monthly EMI on vehicle loans and EMI on home loans. Please understand that though EMI is an affordable repayment option, the interest rate is usually high and banks use EMI repayment as a way to conceal high interest rates. Compare Loans, monthly EMI payable and interest rates offered by different banks before deciding on which loan to choose.

EMI calculation and EMI Calculator is same for US, UK, India or any other country. However the EMI terms in India may be different from the EMI payment terms in US or UK.

The EMI calculator provided here is for information purpose only, note that all figures are clearly indicative. For more information on EMI and loan interest rates, please contact your bank.

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