Published On: Nov 15, 2019

Another funny video of paragliding has emerged on social media. In the video, the paragliding man can be seen muttering few words midair, which are indeed funny for the ears of social media users. He said, 'I feel like throwing up. Please keep talking to me. How much more time? I can’t do this. Can you take me directly down? Shall I leave my body relaxed? Where are we going? Then please take us down fast. Aaaaaaah... How long have you been doing this? How much more time? My body is shivering. Aaaaah... Please keep me straight. Can you reduce the wind speed? How do you do this daily? I should have gone in a car. Please keep talking. My name is Pawan. Please keep this straight. Easy easy please. My home is Darjeeling. I will not look down. I shouldn’t have come for this.'  

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