Published On: Nov 09, 2019

On 10 November 1985, Bill Gates showcased his first graphics-based operating system. 10 days later, Gates launched a Windows 1.0 operating system. Bill Gates wanted to name Windows OS the Bill.mp4s 'Interface Manager'. Gates had planned to release it under the same name. Windows 1.0 offered a simple and intuitive graphical user interface. The command-based MS DOS-Windows 1.0's graphical user interface was a major innovation. It had dropdown menus, tiled windows, multitasking with several apps and even supported a mouse. For the first time, it proved to people that computers can be used by commoners. Windows 1.0 had a colour 16-bit interface and was less than 1MB in size. Windows 1.0 required a minimum of 256 kilobytes (KB), two double-sided floppy disk drives, and a graphics adapter card  

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