Given below is today's, (Wednesday, December 07) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Capricorn & Pisces zodiac combination.

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Love and sweet romance are going to be today’s theme due to highly favorable planetary alignment. You have never been a very demonstrative person, but today you will be having a most unfamiliar urge to do something outrageously romantic for your partner.

Chances are high that you do not do so well with poetic words. So, you will probably decide to show your partner your feelings by doing what you know your partner will appreciate. You can plan a romantic evening with soft music and candlelit dinner. You may plan for an intimate time or you may go one step further and plan an impromptu vacation to a charming yet secluded spot where you can discover each other. You may have enjoyed such dinners or such vacations before also, but they have always been organized by your partner who has taken the relationship and you have only tagged along. But things will be different this time.

All romantic initiatives in your relationship have always been taken by your partner who is the one who is more expressive and comfortable with feelings. So, when you decide to take the lead in romance, your partner will be rather confused. There may even be a momentary resentment as you do all the planning. But this will soon be replaced by something more tender and appreciative. This romantic planning will reveal a new side to your partner. So, give your partner some time to adjust with this vision of new you.

Lucky color: red, crimson, magenta
Lucky number: 1, 76, 10

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