Given below is today's, (Monday, October 02) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Gemini & Virgo zodiac combination.

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There are certain issues on your love agenda which you wish to achieve today. You have certain expectations but do not know how to approach your partner about him/her. You certainly do not wish to be taken wrong. Judging by how much you love your partner, hurting him/her through your own words is unacceptable for you. At the same time, you wish to be heard on these matters as they are of importance to you and will help you in future. According to astral opinion, it is a good day to face your partner and let him/her know what is on your mind as you shall be heard and maybe get a favorable answer.

You are a person of a calm temperament. You prefer to look at the positive of every situation. But sometimes, especially in love, you wish for certain things to happen the way you wish them to happen. Your partner is a sensitive caring person who is always on the lookout to make people happy. Therefore, telling him/her what will make you happy is the best thing that you can tell him/her as it will help him/her understand you better.

Today is a good day to spend on small talk and getting to know each other better. Instead of a lavish meal at a high end restaurant which will require a lot of preparation, settle for a simple coffee and snacks or a home cooked meal in your pajamas as it will greatly help in the bonding.

Lucky colors – chrome yellow, silver grey

Lucky numbers – 1,4,19, 21, 39

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