A well-fitting pair of jeans are a godsend. It goes well with ethnic tops and complements western outfits as well.

Here we help you understand the nuances in the world of denim - the cuts, fit, styles and colors.

Skinny Jeans: Do you have a petite frame but have lovely shapely slender legs? Want to flaunt it? Draw attention to your legs with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are designed to be form fitting and to accentuate your natural body shape.

Boot cut jeans: They are slim at the thighs and slightly broaden downwards. They are perfect to be worn over boots or heels.Boot cut jeans make you look shorter. So they are a strict no-no for those who are short. If you think you are tall and dont want to look lanky wearing skinny jeans, then bootcut jeans are your friend.

Slim fit jeans: Slim fit jeans create the illusion of longer legs for those who want to appear taller. Such jeans are for those who have narrow hips and thighs. Well rounded and large size women can rock bootcut jeans.

High waist jeans: Love denim, but have a paunch that you so badly want to hide? High waist jeans are your go to.  If you are not curvaceous and fret over your flat butt. High waisted jeans with large back pockets can create the illusion of a well rounded butt.

Low waist jeans: Have a well toned body that you want to show off? Opt for low waist jeans. Wearing proper underwear is key to give you confidence while wearing low waist jeans. Those who have a shorter torso would find that wearing low waist jeans can create the illusion of a longer mid section.

Distressed/Ripped Jeans: These can easily give you the 'just got out of the bed' look effortlesly. You really can't go wrong with this look. Don't go overboard with the ripping and tearing as this can easily make you go from a casual look to 'something that the cat dragged in'.

Colored jeans: Jeans are available in a whole range of colors, washes, embellishments and embroidery. While shades of black and blue are evergreen favorites, nowadays people go bold when shopping for jeans.