Diwali 2018 will be a special year for many of you. It may also be the first year of celebration for many of your little ones.

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So, how do you celebrate it? Are you doing it the right way? And have you been informed of the do's and don'ts while performing the Lakshmi Puja.

This is one session that is specially dedicated to those, who love to be a part of the Lakshmi Pooja or Lakshmi Puja , but are intimidated by the course of rituals. Don't worry, we will guide you through the entire road of prosperity, health and happiness and good luck.

To begin with, you know Diwali is a time to love and share and also to be loved. So, maybe you should send a few heartfelt Diwali 2018 wishes and greetings. You can see them here:

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How to perform the Lakshmi Puja on Diwali in the perfect way?

Clean and Purify

Ensure that you dust and mop the house well. Also, sprinkle the entire house with Gangajal (that is the water from the River Ganga) and purify the house and its surroundings.

Preparing The Idol's Platform

Use a coffee table, or small showcase that is raised from the ground to place the idol upon. Spread a clean, and ironed red cloth onto the table. Then pile a handful of rice grains in the center of the red cloth.

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The Kalash

It is a pot that is used specifically for the Lakshmi puja ritual. Place this kalash on the pile of grains. Fill half the pot with water and gently add in one fresh marigold flower, a single supari and again add a handful of grains into the pot.  Arrange 5 clean and fresh green mango leaves within the rim the circular neck of the kalash.

Goddess Lakshmi

On top of the kalash, place a strong flat plate and pile some grains on the plate in a level manner. Take turmeric powder and draw a lotus over the grains. Then place the Goddess Laxmi’s Idol on the plate.  Also, place few coins in front of the idol.

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Lord Ganesha

Keep the Lord Ganesha in the south west direction of the kalash. Apply a tilak of kumkum and haldi. Keep a lit diya beside the idol and also a few grains near it.

Wisdom and Wealth items

Keep any books of study or business related books beside the idols.

The Grand Diya

Now, take a thali and place an Oil Lamp with 5 wicks on it. Pour puja oil in the wick. In the thali, place saffron paste, sandalwood paste, gulal or abeer (coloured powder). These are not a must on the thali or flat plate, but will look good.

The Aarti

Put tilak on the kalash and place flowers in front of it. Recite the mantras while holding some rice and flowers in your closed palm.


Once aarti is over, offer the flowers and rice to the idol.


Take a large thali or flat plate. Take an idol and place on the plate. Then wash and wipe the idol with clean water. After wiping, place the idol back on the kalash.

Garland custom

Again apply kumkum – which is a mix of gulal or abeer (coloured powder), sandal and saffron paste; and some haldi or turmeric powder along with some rice and place it in front of the idol. Beside this, place bel leaves, marigold flowers, agarbattis and keep it all neat.

Food offerings

On Betel leaves, place coconut, a betelnut, kumkum, rice, coriander seeds, puffed rice, fruits, sweets of your preference, gold and money and arrange them neatly in front of the idol. Then once the aarti is over, you can share and serve to the devotees present in the house.

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What inauspicious customs you must avoid for Diwali Laksmi Pooja? 

Just like there are things you can and should do during the Lakshmi pooja time, there are also things that you should not do and let’s see what they are all about:

No to gambling!

It’s time you know that you do not involve in any money related games. Definitely a NO- NO!

Not to Leather

You can and should gift your loved ones, but keep leather realed products out of your gift list. It is considered inauspicious! So, keep away from leather jackets, leather shoes, belts, bags and what not!

Be the Veggie !

Complete vegetarian diet! Avoid any type of non vegetarian food like eggs, meat, chicken and so on!

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Only Diya

It is wise that you keep the house lit with diyas and not with candles of any sort!

Don’t leave Goddess Lakshmi Lonely

It is not right ro leave the Laxmi idol alone. Instead keep Lord Vishnu by her side. It will be good for the family.

Loud noise? Lower your voice

Yes, tt is believed that Goddess Lakshmi hates loud noises and so do eh puja quietly. Sing in low voices, and do not clap or scream loudly during the puja.

What do you wear?

Avoid flowing garments, and silk- basically any material that can catch fire quickly is unsafe for this period.  

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Cracker Time

Generally, it is advised that you do not burst crackers during and before the Lakshmi Puja. Also, make sure that you play if safe and do not cause any harmful incidents.

If you can keep all these in mind, you can be sure of two things:

-You will be safe and enjoy well with friends and family.

- Also, a puja done in the right manner is sure to make Laxmi Devi happy and bestow her blessings on you!

Happy Lakshmi Puja!