About Calicut, Kozhikode district of Kerala, India

Kozhikode, known as Calicut during British rule, was the capital of the highly powerful and well cultured Zamorins. Later it became the capital of the Malabar region during the period of British rule. With its long serene coastline, picturesque mountains, gorgeous waterfalls and lively forests, wild life sanctuaries and historical sites, Kozhikode unveils a visual treat to any visitor.

Basic information about Kozhikode (Calicut) district, Kerala
Head quarters or Kozhikode district Kozhikode
Area 2344 sq km
Major Religions Hindu, Christian, Muslim
Population Density 1228 persons/sq km
Literacy 92.45%
Came into existence Januaray 1, 1957
Tourism interests in Kozhikode Kallaai, Pazhassiraja Museum, Bepore, Art Gallery
Altitude 5m above sea level
Kozhikode telephone code +91-495

Tourist Destinations in Kozhikode

Beypore: One of the most important ports of ancient Kerala. Beypore is famous for its shipbuilding. Special sea vessels called Uru, is constructed here.

Kappadu: This is the place where the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama landed in the year 1498. There is an ancient temple on the rocks that boarder the Kappakkadav beaches. One of the major tourist spot in Kozhikode.

Peruvennamoozhi: Another important attraction in Kozhikode. Kuttyadi dam constructed for the purpose of irrigation is here. The picturesque dam sight has a crocodile farm and birds sanctuary here. The dam also provides boating facilities. A Woodlet in the memorial of famous National leaders is another interesting site.

Tusharagiri: Located near Vythiri in Wayanad, Thusharagiri is famous for its trekking tracks. A trekking through the pristine evergreen dense forests populated with exotic birds and wild animals is an unforgettable experience.

Vadakara: Situated on the bank of Kuttiyadi river, Vadakara has a historical fort which is now in ruins. Lokanaarkaavu, a 1500 year old Durga temple, is a must see place. The hero the Vadakkanpattu or the folk songs, Thacholi Othenan, was born here. There are three rock cut caves near the Temple containing interesting murals and carvings.

Apart from these places Kallai, Manichira maidan, Tali temple, Pazassiraja Museum, Art Gallery, Kakkayam, Faroke, Mahe etc... are other important tourist destinations.

Air Kozhikode has its own airport. Karipur airport is only about 25 km from the city center. Flights to other Indian cities and to middle east are operated from here.
Rail Calicut railway staion has links to all the major cities and tourist centres in India.
Road Kozhikode is well connected through roads with all major cities in India.

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