The very basic informations about the state of Kerala like capital, area, language, population, literacy rate, etc...

Kerala Basic Information

Affordable vacation ideas in Kerala

Districts of Kerala

Details about all the 14 districts of Kerala. Information about the districts along with headquarters, tourism and tourist destinations in each district, transport facilites etc...

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Districtwise List of Ayurveda Resorts & Clinics

Kerala Geography

Geographic details about Kerala like location, extend, neighbours, geographical regions, climate, forests, flora and fauna, rivers, mineral resources, geographical map etc...

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Kerala History

Details about the history of Kerala. About the various peroids of Kerala history, kings and rulers of Kerala, arrival of Europeans, freedom struggle etc. List of important events and years in Kerala History, myths about the origination of Kerala etc.

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Malayalam Language and Malayalam Literature

Details about Malayalam, the language of Kerala. Details about History of Malayalam, development of the Malayalam etc... Also find information about Malayalam literature, history of Malayalam literature, the Great Trio etc.

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Maps of Kerala

A collection of Kerala Maps. Get a better idea about the state of Kerala from the various maps of Kerala.

List of Kerala Maps :

Kerala People

About the people of Kerala and their ancestry. Also details about population and census in Kerala, religions, religious population, dress code etc...
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Kerala Education

Details about the educational system in Kerala, levels of education, literacy, adult and women's education, literacy mission, universities etc.
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Kerala Dance Forms

About the different dance forms of Kerala, different types of dance forms, origination of dance forms, religious and cultural importance of various dance forms, its influence on the social life of people etc...
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Kerala Festivals and Celebrations

Kerala is a land of colourful festivals. Kerala is a land of diverse cultures, religions and communities with a rich miscellany of social habits, festivals, and customs. This section gives an insight into various Kerala Festivals like Onam, Vishu, Thrissur Pooram, Boat Races etc...
Onam Festival of kerala | Vishu | Kerala Boat Races | Thrissur Pooram

Kerala Ayurveda & Treatment

Details about the Ayurveda system of Medicine, Ayurveda Treatment and Ayurvedic Home Cure.
Ayurveda Body Test to know your Ayurvedic body type. Also find how to treat some of the common diseases.
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