The growth of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatment as a major attraction of Kerala Tourism brought a substantial increase in the number of Ayurveda treatment centers and Ayurveda Massage centers in Kerala. Many of these new born Ayurveda treatment and Ayurveda Massage centers lacked expertise and qualified technical personnel who could deliver quality Ayurvedic treatment as expected by the tourists and other people looking for Ayurveda treatment.

In order to regulate the mushrooming of Ayurveda centers and to maintain a uniformity of practice, the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala classified Ayurveda Health centers in Kerala under two categories – Green Leaf and Olive Leaf.

Green Leaf & Olive Leaf Certification of Ayurvedic Centres

Today, based on the quality standards maintained by them, every Ayurvedic centre in Kerala is placed either under Green Leaf category or Olive Leaf category.

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To qualify for an Olive Leaf Certification from the Government of Kerala, an Ayurveda centre should satisfy the following requisites:

  • Treatment should be done under the supervision of a technical personnel who holds a recognized degree in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatments
  • The Ayurvedic centre should maintain the quality of Ayurvedic medicines and health programmes as approved by the approval committee.
  • The Ayurveda medicines used by the centre should be from an approved and reputed firm.
  • The Ayurvedic centre should have a set of clean and hygienic equipments and apparatus as stipulated by the committee.

To qualify for a Green Leaf Certification, an Ayurvedic centre in Kerala should satisfy all the criteria applicable to an Olive Leaf Certified Ayurveda Centre. In addition to them, to be a Green Leaf Certified Ayurveda Center, the following additional requisites are to be satisfied:

  • The Ayurveda center should have an in-house Herbal Garden
  • The Ayurveda centre should be located at a picturesque location with abundant greenery and a quiet atmosphere.
  • There should be ample parking space within the premises of the centre.

Some important points you should keep in mind while seeking treatment or massage in an Ayurvedic centre in Kerala.

  • Ayurveda Treatment Centers in Kerala are categorized based on Olive Leaf and Green Leaf certification. Make sure the Ayurveda centre has one of these certification before seeking treatment.
  • Following tradition, cross massage is not allowed in Kerala. Therefore, male will be massaged only by male masseurs and female by female masseurs
  • Make sure treatment is done only under the supervision of a certified Ayurveda practitioner.
  • Generally the approved time limit for an Ayurvedic massage is 45 minutes.
  • All certified Ayurveda centres in Kerala offer only those programmes which are approved by the approval committee