Minerals Map of Kerala
Kerala Mineral Map

White Clay : Various places of Thiruvananthapuram district have rich deposits of white clay. Apart from this Kundara and Chattannur of Kollam district are famous for their plenteous deposits of China clay. This china clay is extensively used for the production of ceramic wares and materials such as electric fuses.

Graphite : Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam districts of the state have abundant deposits of graphite. Being a multipurpose mineral, graphite is used in making a variety of products.

Silica sand : This the main constituent of glass and therefore the major raw material of glass industry. Silica is found in various part of Alappuzha district like Cherthalai, Panavalli, Pallippuram etc.

Iron ore : Deposits of Iron ore has been found at various places surrounding Kozhikode.

Bauxite : Fairly large deposit of bauxite have been found at various places of the Kollam district like Shooranadu, Adichanelloore etc.

A number of industries in Kerala are dependant on the available minerals for their production. Products of these industries include aluminium, cement, ceramics, chemicals, electrical equipment, glass, pencil etc.


 Though Kerala has a variety of mineral deposits, they are not plenteous...There are extensive deposits of white clay and other commercially valuable minerals in Kerala...Kerala Mineral Map