A coin from ancient Kerala, Kerala history

The history of Kerala can be traced back to 4000 B.C. Like any other region during that period, Kerala was also a kingdom from the first century and it did have a strong governance. Kerala was famous for its spices like cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, dried ginger etc....These attracted foreigners. Kerala had strong trade relation with many foreign countries from about 300 B.C. Spices were exported to countries like Assyria, Babylonia, Israel, Greece, Rome , China etc.. Around 300 B.C, Aryans started migrating from the North.

History of Kerala can be conveniently divided into various periods.

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Important events and years in Kerala History

3000 BC Trade relation with Sindu Valley
2000 BC Trading of spices with Assyria and Babylonia
1000 BC Ivory, monkeys and peacocks were shipped to Israel for King Solomon
700 BC Dravidians reach south India from the Mediterranean region
330 BC Megasthenes's reference of Kerala
300 BC Aryans enter Kerala from north India
45 AD Hippalus reaches Kerala, direct trade with Rome
52 AD St. Thomas reaches Kerala
68 AD Jews reach Kerala
525 AD Cosmos Indicopleustes reaches Malabar coast
630 AD Huan Tsang visits South India including Kerala
644 AD MalikBen Dinar propagate Islam
715 - '68 AD Rule of Cheraman Perumal
800 - 1100 AD Rule of Kulashekhara Kings
825 AD Beginning of the Kolla Varsham(Quilon year calendar) (July 25)
880 AD Retrieval of Pandyas
1000 AD Attack by Raja Raja Chola
1070 AD Freedom from Cholas
1292 AD Arrival of Marco Polo
1342 - '47 AD Ibn Batuta at Kozhikode
1466 - '71 AD Pathinettara Kavikal
1498 AD Vasco da Gama reaches Kappad near Kozhikode (May 17)
1524 AD Vasco da Gama appointed as Viceroy of Kerala
1567 AD Establishment of Jewish Synagogue
1592 AD Establishment of Dutch East India Company
1701 - '21 AD Rule of Rama Varma
1725 AD French establishes base at Mayyazhi (Mahe)
1758 AD Death of Marthanda Varma
1773 AD Hyder Ali defeats Samuthiri (Zamorins) at Kochi
1788 AD Tipu Sultan attacks Kozhikode
1797 AD First Pazhassi Viplavam(Pazhassi Revolution)
1807 AD London Mission in Kerala
1809 AD Kundara Vilambaram(Kundara Proclamation)
1821 AD CMS Press at Kottayam
1834 AD First census in Travancore
1888 AD Establishment of Malayala Manorama
1921 AD Malabar Mutiny
1922 AD First Trade Union (Travancore Labour Association) formed at Alapuzha
1924 AD Vaikom Satyagraha
1928 AD Death of Sree Narayana Guru
1936 AD Kshetra Praveshana Vilambaram
1943 AD Radio Station at Trivandrum
1948 AD First public election in Travancore
1956 Nov. 1 Formation of Kerala State