Eravikulam National Park:

Acclaimed as the roof of Kerala, this area was originally established as a sanctuary for the protection of the Nilgiri Tahr (Hemitragus hylocrius). Extending over an area of 97 sq km, Eravikulam National Park is the biggest National Park in Kerala. This park is situated in the Devikulam taluk of Idukki district. The endangered Nilgiri Tahr, the only wild goat, found to the south of the Himalayas, is the attraction here. It was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1975 and was notified as a National Park in 1978. The Western Ghats, identified as one of the world's hotspots of biodiversity, fortify the park and the Anamudi peak, at a height of 2,695 metres, stands like a sentinel nearby. The park boasts of lush vegetation which supports a wide variety of fauna.

Ideal Period of Visit November - April
Vegetation Tropical Evergreen
Nearest Railway Station Cochin (143 km)
Nearest Town Munnar (16 km)

Silent Valley National Park :

Notified as a National Park in 1984, Silent Valley National Park is situated in Palakkad district. The park is 89.52 sq km in area. The park got this name as the valley is free from the chirping noise of crickets. This park is home to one of the most endangered species of monkeys, the Lion-tailed Macaque. Wildlife here includes Elephants, Tigers, Gaur Sambhar, Panther etc. Besides, the thick undergrowth and foliage provides a suitable hide out for a number of small animals. The park is also home to a rich reserve of rare plants and herbs.

Ideal Period of Visit September - March
Vegetation Evergreen forest
Nearest Railway Station Coimbatore (155 km)
Nearest Town Mannarkkad (32 km)

Mathikettan Shola:

This 12.8 sq km area was declared a National Park in November, 2003. The notified area, which extends to 1,281.74 hectares, falls in Pooppara village in Idukki district. Mathikettan shola was notified as a National Park to protect the wildlife and rich biodiversity of the area. The pristine shola forest in the area is bestowed with unique ecological, faunal, floral and geomorphological wealth.

Anamudi Shola:

The Anamudi Shola National Park constitutes the Mannavan shola, Idivara shola and Pullardi shola, covering a total area of around 750 hectares.

Pampadum Shola :

The smallest National Park in the state covers only an area of 1.32 sq km. This park is situated in the Marayoor village of Idukki district. Taking into account the environmental importance and the rare bio diversity of the Shola pastures, this area was notified as a National Park in 2004.