Life is good when a man and woman gets married. But it gets more meaning, depth and definition when a child enters their world. Their innocence, laughter, naughty looks, mischiefs, ...ugh those potty training sessions, and even their silly fights, are lessons that every child teaches their parent or guardian or step parent.

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happy childrens day

Children are the Gift of God and so cherish every moment you have with them. I know this sentence may sting your minds- young ladies and men out there- especially single parents. But I do not intend to prick anyone’s mind.

Seriously there are some new age researches that have instilled fresh thoughts in the minds of young parents. They sound good and yes, it will help parent your child in a better way.

Before we start with the tips, we would like to wish all of you Happy Childrens Day!!!

The Eight Fundamental Lessons to Good Parenting: Research Study

#1 Sex Talk with Kids: Tried It?

Umm, this is nothing too pleasant for any parent to talk about, but the latest research says that we need to tell children about the real world that they have to face in life.

Often, I have heard parents saying that their kid is really ‘smart’, they know how to swirl around with gadgets and so on. And at the same time, they may end up trying to figure out who they are, how to identify their sexual inclinations, and so on..

Trust me- their biggest doubt of all- How did I come into this world, Mama (or Daddy)? And you will be like.... that an angel dropped you in my life or some fairy tale like that!

That does no good any more! With the internet, they are vulnerable to knowledge that sadly depicts life, sex, gender, life, love and drama in the most obscene matter.

So, before these subjects get out of your hands: Teach them from your side: Do the Respectful ‘Sex Talk’ in the right way! Learn it all here!

#2 Hug To Tame That Young Soul!

Often parents are scurrying behind those official meetings, family get-togethers, high tea parties, and so on. And in the midst of that, you sometimes would notice a lone kid playing in their own world.

Don’t let that happen to your child, as it would have side- effects on the child at a later point of life. Read The Magic of Physically Loving, Caring and Taming Your Child!

#3 The New Recommended Child Pacifier: Cartoons!

A Tom and Jerry cartoon session can beat the stress of any person- be it an adult or kid. Right? I sure did pass out a few laughs even during my college days. I had to see them right before my exams.

Same way, there are many agitated kids in every block and parents have a hard time trying to console time. Research show that cartoons can help them. Just ensure that the cartoons are more of an educational type rather than violent or abusive of any sort.

Why don’t try it? Before stepping into the cartoon gala time, please find time to read the benefits of cartoon watching here!

#4 Heard of Free Range Parenting?

This is the mode of parenting that is gaining popularity in many western countries and so you want to know about it.

The one problem we noticed is that- people try to follow Free Range Parenting, but the outcome happens to go all haywire. There is a particular method for parenting in this style and that is what you need to know.

What about it?

Freedom, love, care, but alert them: This is the gist of free range parenting. If this has caught your interest, go on and read more about Free Range Parenting here.

#5 A bit harsh to that toddler? May not be the right approach!

I know the old days style of parenting focussed on punishing, beating and harassing the child. Many of the older adults would have faced this scenario. It is very painful and those memories may come back to life now and then. It truly hurts!

Here, there is a research that will tell you about how to handle stubborn kids, and also kids with ADHD and so on. Learn about Harsh Parenting, Negative Parenting and much more here!

#6 Dealing with Kiddo Social Media Addiction

We all love that world of virtual inspirations, gossips, and stories. The same with kids who enter their respective world of imagination. But sometimes their love for gadgets, and social media like Fb, games, chat rooms, Whatspp, Smule and other stuff could go a bit overboard.

In particular, this is a massive point of concern for parents of teenage parents. If you belong to this group or know people who are dealing with this situation, then you read this: Tips for Dealing with Kiddo Social Media Addiction

#7 Feeding Time and that Frenzy World

You have gotta finish what’s on your plate or else you are going to be punished! Remember these warnings? You might received the same in your childhood or may be right now pouring it on your kiddo!

Parents take loads of time, looking at the costs, nutritional value, recipes and voila come up with a super dish! Then the child will look at you and say, ‘Yuck’!

Hasn’t that made your day? Well, that has been the climax most of the time for many mommies I know. It’s sad and how do you deal it?

Here, we give exciting Tips to cut that stress of feeding a child . Take a peek and see how to make the feeding time more interesting!

#8 Homework: A time waste or Boon for children?

Many of you think it is good, while a few think it is a waste. Homework does have its plus and minus points in life. 

On one side, it does build the memory power of a child. But loads of homework can be a trouble for any child. Do you know the usual case when a child receives too much homework? The parent will end up finishing it!

But who is to blame? The education system, the teacher or the parent? Homework is certainly a subject you need to think about. Know about the plus and minus points of homework and whether it is actually good for parents to involve in it!