Every year Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14th in India. Now, with Indians streaming the world, the day has found its own special place in all educational institutions where Indian children study.

The Day is also known as Bal Divas or Bal Diwas in Hindi. 

This happens to be the birthday of the First Prime Minister (once India gained Independence) and so this day is dedicated to one of the greatest leaders of India, who ruled and cared for the younger generation if India.

Childrens Day 2023 is on November 14 Tuesday

1 month and 12 days to go for the event

Children's Day Image Source: IANS

When did India initially celebrate Children's day?

In the past, prior to the death of Jawaharlal Nehru- India used to celebrate the Children's Day on November 20th every year. This was as per the global standards and dates.;

Importance and Significance of Children's Day

But after his death in 1964, India felt that a special day should be kept aside to remember his love for children and that is how the present day Indian Children's Day came into being.

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Jawaharlal Nehru was one man who loved children and he believed that hey hold the future of India. So, if they are cared for, educated well, they can create wonders for the country.

It was his strong vision that even gave way to more educational and living facilities to children of all ages, gender and states of India. During one of his famous speeches, he commented that, "The children of today will be the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country."

He is lovingly called as Chacha Nehruji by children and that so this day stands to be a memorable day to remember the birth anniversary of the first prime minister of India.

What do children do on this Childrens Day?

Well, this is the special day for all children in India. Special functions, activities and games are conducted for kids of all ages in schools, in public institutions and even in government schools.

Good food, presents, balloons, and even fancy dress games are conduced for children. Along with this, children and their schools are evaluated for their overall performance.

On the whole, the government and the educational institutions industry keep thinking of schemes to make lives of children better, safer and healthier.

Message to Adults Around The World

One man dreamt a lot about the children of India. This day is a reminder that adults were children once. They were times many children were devoid of good food, nutrition, healthy living conditions and the like.

But today, with a growing Indian economy, it is a duty of parents, educational institutions and the society to ensure that children are brought in the right direction. Their lives are precious and do not destroy these innocent souls through child abuse, trafficking, gender differences and even female infanticide.

Let children enjoy their lives without fear, and boundaries. Instil positivity and freedom of speech and action in them, rather than fear.

Let Chacha Nehru's dream find success in the coming years.

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Childrens Day festival dates between 2020 & 2030

2020Saturday, 14th of November
2021Sunday, 14th of November
2022Monday, 14th of November
2023Tuesday, 14th of November
2024Thursday, 14th of November
2025Friday, 14th of November
2026Saturday, 14th of November
2027Sunday, 14th of November
2028Tuesday, 14th of November
2029Wednesday, 14th of November
2030Thursday, 14th of November