Badrinath is one of the holiest destinations in India for Hindu travellers. Nestled on the banks of Alaknanda River this sacred shrine is guarded by two beautiful mountain peaks, named Nar and Narayan. Badrinath is also popularly called as 'Vishal Badri' or 'Badri Dham' meaning the 'forest of berries' as they are found in abundance at this place. Badrinath is believed to be the abode of Lord Vishnu and Hindu followers from every corner of the country and abroad come to worship their deity. Besides being a profound spiritual destination, Badrinath is a place of nature beauty and scenic surroundings. The aura of this place is very calming and is a must visit destination.

 Location : State/District

Badrinath is situated under the Chamoli district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The latitude and longitude of Badrinath corresponds to 30.7440° N and 79.4930° E respectively.

 Destination Type

Badrinath is a pilgrimage destination in the Uttarakhand state.

 Pilgrim centre and Adventure Tourism

Badrinath is an important religious destination that is also a part of the holy Char Dham Yatra of Hindus. Devotees flock to this place with their families every year to offer their prayers to Lord Vishnu. Badrinath is also a chosen destination for adventure lovers as the place offers some thrilling outdoor activities.

 Weather Information

The summers in Badrinath is pleasant and continues from April to June. The temperature during these months ranges between 7°C to 18°C. This is also the best season to visit the place. During the monsoons months from July to September the place experiences heavy rainfall that reduces the temperature even more. October marks the onset of winter season that is extremely cold in Badrinath. It lasts till the month of March and temperature during this time reaches below freezing point. The most ideal to plan a trip to Badrinath is from the months of April to October.

 Travelling Requirements

Indian citizens can freely visit the holy destination of Badrinath when the temple is open for the devotees. The place is not frequently visited by foreigners and if they desire to visit Badrinath they must get visa permission from the Indian government.

 Places to Visit

Badrinath is filled with numerous sightseeing places and some of the must visit destinations of this place are given below.

The Temple of Badrinath is the chief destination of the place that attracts thousands of devotees every year. This temple is dedicated to Lord Badri Narayan and was first constructed by the Kings of Garhwal. The architecture of this temple is outstanding and the pillars and walls are engraved with intricate carvings. Devotees offer dry fruits and Tulsi as Prasad to their sacred deity and ask for his blessings. The area around the Temple of Badrinath is packed with Yogis who use this place for seclusion and meditation.

Tapt Kund is the natural thermal spring in Badrinath wherein devotees take a holy dip before entering the temple. It is believed that the water of the Kund has medicinal properties and can treat allergies. There is another Kund called as Narad Kund that is also a hot water spring. This place is considered to be the source of idol of Badrinath and devotees take a dip in the Kund owing to its religious significance and medicinal values.

Brahma Kapal is the site where the rituals of propitiating the deceased ancestors are performed by the Hindus. This place is located on the banks of River Alaknanda and several priests are seated here with the 'pooja samagri'.

Mata Murti Temple is located at just 3 kms from Badrinath and the temple honours the mother of Lord Narayan. This place is an important religious destination for pilgrims and tourists visiting Badrinath and a big fair is held at the Mata Murti Temple in the month of August, every year.

Neelkanth is a mountain peak situated above the Temple of Badrinath. This peak is named after Lord Shiva as the view of the cliff gives a resemblance of Lord Shiva in sitting posture, gazing at the sky.

 Nearby Destinations

Vasudhara Falls is a spectacular waterfall located close to Badrinath and is not to be missed. This natural fall is located at an altitude of 12,000 feet and the sight of water falling from the height of 400 feet is simply breathtaking. The path to Vasudhara Falls is also a good trekking trail that attracts avid adventure lovers to this destination.

Pandukeshwar is a popular religious destination for the two ancient temples located here. The first one being Lord Yogabadri Narayan Temple and other one being Lord Vasudeva Temple. Pandukeshwar is believed to be founded by King Pandu who was the father of the five Pandavas. It is located at 24 kms from Badrinath and during winters when Badrinath remains closed, all the rituals of worship are performed here in the Lord Vasudeva Temple.

Satopanth is a wonderful tourist destination located at a distance of 25 kms from Badrinath. It is a site of glacial lake called as Satopanth Lake, and is bordered by magnificent snow capped peaks. This lake is of triangular shape and the three corners of the lake are believed to be occupied by three Hindu deities – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The trekking trail to Satopanth is dangerous but full of scenic beauties.

Auli is located at a distance of 60 kms from Badrinath and is a very famous paragliding and skiing spot of the state of Uttarakhand. The cable car connecting Auli and Joshimath is the longest and highest cable cars in Asia.

Valley of Flowers is a splendid Himalayan valley that has been declared as a National Park in the year 1982. This beautiful valley is filled with vibrant and colourful flowers and the view in itself is awe-inspiring.

 Food & Accommodation

Being a holy destination, in Badrinath you will only get pure vegetarian and Indian food. Non-veg foods are strictly prohibited on this religious route beyond Rishikesh. There are numerous food stalls and eating joints located around the main temple that serve decent food at good rates. There are no restaurants in Badrinath and tourists rely on their hotels for the three basic meals.

Badrinath has all range of accommodation options right from budget and economy hotels to luxury hotels and heritage resorts. The place is also filled with Ashrams that offer food and lodging facilities at nominal rates. If you are looking for some comfort take a look at these Deluxe Hotels that includes Sarovar Portico, Snow Crest, AR Resort and Narayan Palace. These hotels have room tariffs ranging from INR 3500 to INR 5000 per night. For budgeted travellers the place has Jagirdar Guest House, GMVN Badrinath Yatri Niwas, GMVN Badrinath Tourist Bungalow Devlok, Dwarikesh and Camp Ghangharia.

 Safety and Security

Badrinath is only accessible by road and safety in the route is the main concern. The route to Badrinath is hilly with dangerous hairpin bends and therefore jeep/bus accidents and landslides are a common occurrence. For safety concerns it is advisable for all motorized transports to move in convoys and avoid travelling at night.