Baga Beach is a peaceful beach on the shores of Arabian Sea, located in North Goa. This beach is utterly picturesque with majestic white waves touching the white sand as the winds try to play with the Palm trees. Baba Beach is pleasant break from the hustle and bustle of other beaches in Goa and is located between the two famous beaches, Calangute on the south and Anjuna Beach on the north. The scenic beauty of the beach coupled with water activities makes it a sought after destination by tourists in India as well as abroad. The quieter Baga Beach has ideal setting to simply relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

 Location : State/District

Baga Beach is located in the Indian state of Goa in the district of North Goa. The latitude and longitudinal coordinates of Baga Beach are 15.5589⁰ North and 73.7533⁰ East respectively.

 Destination Type

Baga Beach is an ideal beach destination for travellers who just like to enjoy relaxing at the beachside.


Baga Beach is one of the quieter beaches in Goa and is an ideal destination for vacationing with family members and friends. The beach is packed with activities that can be enjoyed with young and old alike. The water sports in the beach lures adventure loving travellers from all corners of the world.

 Weather Information

The weather in Baga Beach is warm all through the year. The maximum temperature during day does not exceed 33⁰C and during the nightime it drops to just 20⁰C. The monsoons remain from June to September and are marked with moderate rainfall. Travelling to Baga beach during this time is best avoided. The winter months prevail from December to February and the temperature slightly drops during the night. Baga Beach is a year round destination but the best time is from the months of September to February.

 Travelling Requirements

Indian citizens can travel at their discretion to Baga Beach in Goa. However tourists from outside India, need to give a visa application to the Indian government asking for stay approval. Their visa application must be correctly filled with all the mandatory details and submitted along with the copy of their valid passports. Only after their visa is sanctioned, foreign nationals can visit Baga Beach.


During the day time, tourists love to soak in the sun and white sandy beach. Baga beach is superb for long, leisure walks. Swimming and sunbathing is a popular activity enjoyed by tourist of all age groups. Because of the swirling water currents during monsoons, swimming in the beach is prohibited. There are numerous water sports facilities provided at Baga Beach to give some thrilling experience to the adventure lovers. Wind-surfing, parasailing, kayaking, water-skiing and snorkelling are some of favorite water sports thoroughly enjoyed by travellers. Moreover Baga Beach is very famous for its outstanding sunset viewing and fishing. Dolphin viewing trips and island tours are also preferred tours that are pleasurable for kids and adults alike.

Shopping is a delightful experience at Baga Beach. The shops lined along the road sell everything right from handicrafts to costume jewelry and clothes. The Saturday Flea Market close to the beach is very famous and a must visit destination for frenzy shoppers. While shopping, be ready for bargaining and quote 30 percent less of what is offered to you. You can get some of the best deals in shopping at Baga Beach.

Nightlife in Baga Beach is much alive than any other beach in Goa. The sight of stalls and shacks lit with dazzling lights is spectacular. Live bands playing on the beach gives the atmosphere a carnival like feel. The Club Tito and Cafe Mambo located close to the Baga Beach have special events lined up for tourists. Relax with a glass of your favourite drink and witness the astounding show by barmen as they juggle fluids, glasses, bottles and condiments.

 Places to Visit

The Baga Retreat house is a chief tourist spot around Baga Beach. Also known as Casa de Retiro this place is located on the peninsular end of the famous Calangute shore, atop the hill. This retreat house was built by Father le Tellier in the year 1953 in the memory of St. Francis Xavier. The Baga Retreat House is used for meditation and mass prayers.

Sea Cure is another title given to Baga Beach. During the month of May every year, locals come to Baga Beach to take bath. It is believed to be a cure for body ailments like joint pains and arthritis.

Medicinal Springs are located at Mottant close to the Bom Viagem Convent and are ideal spots for picnic with friends and families. The water in these springs is also believed to have medicinal properties.

 Food and Accommodation

Eating out at Baga Beach is gourmet experience. Here you will easily find budgeted restaurants to fine dining places. Shacks on the beach offer mount-watering sea food at all times during the day. Fiesta with its magical setting and delectable food is simply outstanding. Britto’s is a famous seaside shack that is well-known for its Goan cuisine. The Lila Cafe is a must visit joint for breakfast and lunch. Some of the other popular eating joints in Baga Beach are Redonda, J&A’s Little Italy, La Restaurant, Cavala Seaside Resort and Mooncrest.

Being a popular tourist destination, finding accommodations of your choice is never a problem in Baga Beach. Here you can pick from luxurious hotels with first-class service to budget-friendly resorts and hotels that give basic facilities. If budget is not a constraint for you then take a pick from Acron Waterfront Resort, 16 Degrees North, The Baga Marina, Blue Star Hotel, Casa Baga, Colonia Santa Maria, Resort Rio and Mykonos Blu. The room tariffs in these boutique hotels start from INR 6000 and reach up to INR 12,500 for each night. There are also mid-range hotels for travellers not willing to spend exorbitantly with room tariffs ranging from INR 4000-5000 per night. The options in this category are Mayflower Beach Resort, Santiago, Sun City Resort and the Camelot Manor. For budget conscious travellers there are Angelina Beach Resort, Baia do Sol, Casa de Baga, Hotel Bonanza, Hotel Lua Nova, Hotel Riverside and JD guest House. These accommodations have room tariffs below INR 2500 per night.

 Safety and Security

It is advisable to swim in the beach only with the presence of lifeguard around. Swimming unassisted can turn dangerous due to strong undercurrents. While on the beach you must also look out for red flag signs and avoid entering the water in that area. Also it is unsafe to leave your belongings unattended at the beach.