The state of Orissa with the longest coastline has some of the best beaches of the country and Baleshwar Beach is one amongst them. This beautiful beach is located at a distance of 15 kms from the sacred city of Puri. The Baleshwar Beach is renowned for its Shaivite shrine and also holds religious significance for the followers of Lord Shiva. The beach side has the most perfect setting with golden sandy beach and picturesque surroundings. The Baleshwar Beach is a chosen destination for a relaxed holiday away from the chaos and stress of city life. It is an ideal destination for holiday makers craving for serenity and peaceful environment.

 Location : State/District

Baleshwar Beach is located in the Baleshwar district in the eastern state of Odisha. The latitude coordinates of Baleshwar Beach is 21.49⁰ N whereas the longitude of the place remains 86.95°E.

 Destination Type

Baleshwar Beach is a superb beach destination of eastern India known for its mesmerising beauty.

 Family vacation

A perfect destination to spend time on the sea side with friends and family, Baleshwar Beach is one of the most visited beaches of Orissa. The beachside has an array of activities to keep both the kids and adults merrily occupied. Baleshwar Beach is also a chosen holiday spot for adventure lovers owing to the water sports facilities available here.

 Weather Information

Summers in Baleshwar Beach is hot with temperature ranging between 28⁰C to 38⁰C. The beachside is sunny and is visited by the crowd in the adjoining cities to enjoy the sea side view. Summer season lasts from March to May. Monsoons starts early at Baleshwar Beach as compared to the rest of the country and therefore tourists from different parts of India travel to this destination to get some respite from the scorching heat. The place experiences good rainfall and the temperature also drop to between 22⁰C - 28⁰C. Winter season in Baleshwar Beach is pleasant and lasts from December to February. The temperature during this time varies between 15⁰C to 20⁰C with minimum temperature dropping to 12⁰C. Baleshwar Beach can be visited any time of the year but the most suitable time is from the months of September to March.

 Travelling Requirements

Indian citizens can travel to Baleshwar Beach as and when they want. Only tourists from outside India need to take visa permission for holidaying in Baleshwar Beach. They must carry with them their passports and other essential travel documents at all times. Their passports must also be valid for up to a period of six months from the time of their arrival at Baleshwar Beach.


The Baleshwar Beach side is ideal for enjoying seaside activities. Tourists love here swimming in the sea and basking under the bright sunny rays. After a swim into the sea nothing is more relaxing than a sunbath at the golden sandy beach side. Children love making and breaking sand castles at the shore while the adults enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. The view of sunrise and sunset from the Baleshwar Beach is brilliant and attracts tourists to this spot. As the beach is wide and long, it does not feel too crowded and tourists can easily relax and unwind.

Baleshwar Beach is also a favourite picnic spot for locals as well as holiday makers travelling to the state of Orissa. There are lots of activities happening at the beachside to keep the visitors engaged. Water sports facilites are also available at the beach side during the day. Adventure lovers enjoy the thrill of water sports like wind surfing, water skiing and jet skiing. Strolling of the soft sand underneath your feet under the twinkling stars is a cherishing experience.

 Places to Visit

Panchalingeshwar is the famous spot close to Baleshwar beach that is renowned for the sacred Shaivite shrine. This place holds immense religious significance for Hindus and is crowded by the followers of Lord Shiva all year round. Panchalingeshwar is ideally located amidst the green Nilgiri Hills and a steam flowing close by. The place is strikingly beautiful and a must visit destination. The celebrations of Mahashivratri are very splendour here.

Khirachora Gopinath is a famous temple of the Vaishnawaite cult that was built centuries ago. The main deity of the temple is Khirachora Gopinath who is worshipped by hundreds of devotees everyday, who gather here for the sacred darshan. You must surely have the Prasad of the temple that is especially prepared milk and tastes very delicious.

Simlipal National Park is another day visit destinations from Baleshwar Beach. The place is known as a prominent Tiger reserve of the state of Orissa. The Simlipal National Park derives its name from the glorious Simul that is the Silk Cotton Tree. The park also has two beautiful waterfalls and is home to diverse species of wild animals.

Chandaneshwar Temple is another popular temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. An annual fair is held at the temple during the Hindi month of ‘Chaitra’ is very famous. Pilgrims from the neighbouring states of Bengal and Bihar come to this fair in large numbers.

 Food and Accommodation

There are several restaurants and shacks located near Baleshwar Beach that serve gourmet food to the visitors. All kinds of cuisine right from South Indian and North Indian to Chinese and sea food is available here. Tourists love eating the freshly prepared food served in a comfortable ambience.

Baleshwar Beach has all sorts of accommodations to suit every traveller’s budget. You can easily find low cost staying options close to the Balighai and Konark Road. Tourists looking for mid-range hotels can easily find good options near the VIP Road, Red Cross Road, Clarke Road and Temple Road. If you are looking for luxurious hotels with world class staying experience, checkout the ones located on the Chakra Tirtha Road. As Baleshwar Beach is located close to the city of Puri, some tourists also prefer staying there and visiting the beach everyday from their hotels in Puri.

 Safety and Security

The sea at Baleashwar Beach is calm and absolutely safe for swimmers. However tourists must ensure their personal safety and avoid going deep into the sea.