The picturesque landscapes of the Baliharachandi Beach make it a superb holiday destination in the state of Orissa. It is located at a distance of just 27 kms from the holy city of Puri, and is visited by all the tourists coming to this pilgrim destination. The turbulent sea, unending stretches of golden sandy beaches and salubrious weather are what defines the famous Baliharachandi Beach. Also the swaying causrina trees and meandering sand dunes impart an enchanting feel to this splendid beach side. Besides being a wonderful beachside, the place is also renowned for the religious shrine of Goddess Harachandi. This temple is flooded by devotees coming from different parts of the country. Undoubtedly holidaying in Baliharachandi Beach will fill you with wonderful memories.

 Location : State/District

Baliharachandi Beach is situated in the Indian state of Orissa, under the district of Balasore. The latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of Baliharachandi Beach in Orissa are 19.4528⁰ N and 85.4139⁰ E.

 Destination Type

Baliharachandi Beach is one of the most charming beach destinations of Orissa.

  Family Vacation

Baliharachandi Beach is a great destination for holidaying with families. It is perfect retreat for city dwellers away from the hustle and bustle of the life there. Nature lovers can’t resist falling in love with the natural and unspoilt beauty of the place. Baliharachandi Beach is a holiday spot that will leave you feeling completely refresh and rejuvenated.

 Weather Information

Summers at Baliharachandi Beach is extremely humid and hot with minimum temperature being recorded at 23⁰C and maximum temperature reaching up to 40⁰C. This time is unsuitable to visit the beachside. The Baliharachandi Beach experiences a very tropical monsoon climate. The place receives moderate rainfall and gives some respite from the high temperatures of the summer. Winter time from November to February at Baliharachandi Beach is very enjoyable with soothing temperatures. The temperature during this season varies between 12⁰C to 29⁰C. Light woollen clothes are required during winters. The best time to plan a visit to Baliharachandi Beach is from the months of October till March. The weather remains pleasurable to enjoy this scenic seaside.

 Travelling Requirements

Indian citizens can travel freely to Baliharachandi Beach. There are however some rules for foreign nationals. They need to get a prior visa clearance from the Indian government and their passports must also remain valid for more than a period of six months from their date specified in the application. Foreign tourists must also carry their passports and required travel documents with them to avoid any inconvenience.


Far from the maddening crowd, the isolated beach of Baliharachandi is visited by holiday makers who love to discover the natural splendors of Orissa. The sea is tumultuous and is therefore a delight for tourists who like adding a bit of adventure to their holidaying experience. Tourists here get to enjoy a relaxed sunbath as the beach is isolated and quiet. The calm and serene environment at the Baliharachandi Beach will help you forget all the stress of your daily life. Spending some time at this spectacular beach side will impart you a fresh bout of vigor and energy.

The vast coastline of the Baliharachandi Beach is ideal for leisure walks with cool sea breeze flowing across. The view of sunrise and sunset from the beach side is awe-inspiring and draws nature lovers to this place. There are no water sports facilities available at the beach but still tourists love spending time at the beach side.

 Places to Visit

The temple of Baliharachandi is a famous destination that is visited by all tourists holidaying in the Baliharachandi Beach. Located on a sandy hill close to the beachside the temple is dedicated to the Eight-Armed (Asta-Bhuja) form of Goddess Durga. The goddess in this temple is worshipped as ‘Baliharachandi’, the goddess of navigation and water, who protects the fishermen and boatman in danger. The Baliharachandi Temple is a very revered religious shrine that is crowded by devotees from far and wide to seek the blessings of the goddess.

Swami Parvananda Museum is another popular tourist spot close to the Baliharachandi Beach. It is one of the best museums of Puri and the entrance to the museum is paid.

Chandaka Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary is also a day visit destination from Baliharachandi Beach. It is a very renowned elephant conservation centre and the sanctuary is also an abode of wild animals like chital deer, leopard, wild boars, hyena and mouse deer to name a few. The Chandaka Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary is open on all days except Monday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Jaganath Temple is a very renowned and prestigious temple of Orissa with worldwide fame. Located in the town of Puri this temple was built in the 12th century and is dedicated to Lord Jaganath, a representative of Lord Krishna, the God of Universe. Tourists holidaying in Baliharachandi Beach must surely visit the sacred Jaganath Temple and offer prayers to the deity.

 Food and Accommodation

Eating at Baliharachandi Beach is a delightful experience. Besides gorging on the delicious Oriya cuisine, tourists also get a taste of South Indian, North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Some of the popular eating joints around Baliharachandi Beach are The Verandah, Odissi Restaurant, Xanadu Restaurant, Aquarium, The Gajapati, Chung Wah Restaurant and Bamboo. These places serve freshly prepared gourmet food in a comfortable ambience.

There are dearths of hotels around Baliharachandi Beach. Here you can easily find a choice of your accommodation, well within your budget. If you are looking for low cost staying options, take your pick from Hotel Maa Kamakhya, Hotel Surya Garden, Hotel Pushpa, Sai Resort, Hotel Lee Garden, Hotel Padma and Hotel Diamond Palace. These hotels have room rents within INR 1000 for a night. Some of the mid-range hotels with tariffs ranging between INR 1500 to INR 3000 are Fort Mahodadhi, Hotel Sonar Tori, Camelia Hotel, Hotel Raj, Nayak Beach Resort, Puri Beach Resort and Sagar Tarang Residency. For luxurious staying place around Baliharachandi Beach you can choose from Hotel Golden Palace, Mayfair Puri, Hotel Jamindar S Palace, Hotel Vijoya International and Anaya Resorts. These properties are equipped with world-class facilities and services and their room tariffs start from INR 3000 for each night.

 Safety and Security

The turbulent sea at Baliharachandi Beach is unsuitable for new swimmers. Moreover the tourists must also be wary of the flowing sand at the beach side. Follow all the safety instructions and watch out for signs to avoid any mishaps.