Cherrapunji is a stunning holiday destination perched over foaming rivers and misty valleys, amidst the swirling clouds. Away from the flurry and chaos of city life, it is a superb place that will refresh your mind and body. The untouched natural beauty of Cherrapunji makes it a peaceful retreat and the place is a chosen destination by both domestic and International tourists. What sets Cherrapunji apart from other destinations in Meghalaya and Assam is that the place experiences monsoon season throughout the year. The Guinness Book of World Records as even declared this place as the ‘wettest place on earth’. Travel to this unusual destination and savour the natural beauty of Cherrapunji.

 Location : State/District

Cherrapunji is located in the Meghalaya state in the district of East Khasi Hills. The latitude of Cherrapunji is 25.3000⁰ N while the longitude of the place remains as 91.7000⁰ E.

 Destination Type

Cherrapunji is a spectacular hill station destination that is blessed with rolling clouds, foaming rivers, hazy valleys and diverse flora and fauna.

 Honeymoon destination, Family vacation, Vacation with friends

Cherrapunji is an ideal retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The tranquillity and beauty of this place will leave you spellbound. The wet climate of Cherrapunji makes it a preferred destination by honeymooning couples. The unexplored caves of Cherrapunji make it a chosen destination for avid enthusiasts.

 Weather Information

Cherrapunji is the only place on the world map that has just one climate in all seasons, that is, monsoons. It is coveted as the wettest place on earth as the place receives rainfall throughout the year. From the month of March to May, the place experiences moderate rainfall and the climate remains pleasant. Cherrapunji experiences maximum during the month of June. The place becomes cold from November to February and it is best to avoid travelling during this time. Cherrapunji is a year-round destination in North-East India. While you travel carry cotton clothes and light woollens to keep you warm. Carrying an umbrella to the place is a necessity because the rains are unpredictable.

 Travelling Requirements

Travelling to Cherrapunji for Indian citizens is free from any prerequisite travelling issues. However, International tourists must acquire visa permission from the Indian government specifying the duration and purpose of visit. Their passports must also remain valid for a period of six months from the date of visa procurement.

 Places to Visit

Cherrapunji is dotted with beautiful sightseeing places that make the stay more enjoyable. It has numerous stunning caves, waterfalls and parks that intrigue visitors.

Double Decker Root Bridge is a prime attraction of Cherrapunji. It is a two-tier root bridge that is 100 feet in length. This bridge is an excellent example of bio-engineering. Located in Tyma Village, this Double Decker Root Bridge is a place not to be missed.

Dainthlen Waterfalls is a good picnic spot located at 5 kms from Cherrapunji. The drive to the place is filled with scenic beauty and is very refreshing. It is believed that a huge snake lived in a cave near the falls that was killed by the people and a natural rock carving build by the snake still remains there.

Eco Park is a superb park maintained by the Meghalaya government and is must-visit destination in Cherrapunji. The green house in the park has diversified varieties of indigenous and hybrid orchids.

David Scott Memorial is a historical monument made in honour of David Scott by the Britishers. This place is a must-visit destination for Historians.

Krem Phyllut Cave is a spectacular cave in Cherrapunji that attracts tourists to this place. The cave is about 1000 meters in length and has two river passages and three entrances. The caves are open on all days from 9 am till 4 pm.

Khasi Monoliths is a chief attraction for adventure lovers. These monoliths are scattered around Cherrapunji and was constructed in the memory of the ancestors.

Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest and renowned churches in Cherrapunji. The church was founded by Rev. Thomas Jones in the year 1846.

 Nearby Destinations

Thangkharang Park is well-known park located at 12 kms from Cherrapunji. The park is extremely beautiful and offers scenic view of the Bangladesh plains.

Nohkalikai Waterfalls is a very famous and also the fourth highest waterfall in the whole world. Water here falls from a height of 1100 feet and the view and sound of water falling is simple awe-inspiring. There are two other waterfalls that can you must travel from Cherrapunji, namely the Mawsmai Falls and Kynrem Waterfalls. The view of these natural falls is simply breathtaking.

 Food and Accommodation

There are few restaurants in Cherrapunji that offer the best cuisines to the visitors. Some of the popular eating joints of this place are Avron Restaurant, Drive In Cafeteria, Green Valley Restaurant, Nangiai Kyrosi Restaurant and Halari Restaurant.

Cherrapunji has all range of accommodation options. If you are budget conscious, you can easily take a pick from Hotel By The Way, Sohra Plaza, Halari Restaurant and Lodging and Coniferous Resorts. The rooms in these hotels are priced as low as INR 300 and reach not more than INR 1200 for every night. If you want first-class service and amenities there are options like Polo Orchid Resort, Sa – I – Mika Park.