Devikulam is a famous hill station in the state of Kerala in India. This pristine destination is gifted with beautiful hillocks, gurgling waterfalls and lush green meadows. The diversified flora and fauna of Devikulam attracts tourists from different parts of the country as well as abroad. Devikulam in Hindi language implies ‘the lake or pond of devi’ and according to the mythological stories it is believed that Devi Sita once bathed in the lake. The scenic surroundings, natural beauty and salubrious climate make it a holiday destination that you will love coming over and over again. Devikulam has all sorts of engagements and activities for nature lovers and adventure freaks alike.

 Location : State/District

Devikulam is located in the Idukki district in the Indian state of Kerala. The latitude coordinates of Devikulam are 10.0626⁰ N while the longitude of the place remains 77.1039⁰ E.

 Destination Type

Devikulam is a beautiful and quiet hill station destination of Southern India.

 Family vacation

The natural charm of Devikulam makes it a must visit holiday destination with your loved ones. The place has enjoyments for all age groups. Nature lovers from different parts of the world flock to this wonderful hill resort every year. The place is a trekker’s delight and the excursions in the plantations of Devikulam will definitely offer an enchanting experience.

 Weather Information

Devikulam is located at an altitude of 1800 meters so the weather in the place remains comfortable in all seasons. Summer season starts from March to May and the climate remains pleasantly cool. The maximum temperature recorded during this time is 16⁰C whereas the minimum temperature remains at 8⁰C. The days are pleasant while the night turn to be cool. You need cotton clothes during day time while light woollen clothes make you comfortable at night. June marks the onset of monsoon and continues till September. The place receives good rainfall and the temperature drops even further. Nature lovers enjoy the beauty of Devikulam the most during this season. Winters in Devikulam lasts from December to February. This time is cold with temperature just reaching the freezing point. Because of ideal climatic conditions, Devikulam can be visited at any time but the best months to enjoy completely are from March to May. During this time the place is crowded with tourists escaping the heat of the plains.

 Travelling Requirements

If you are an Indian citizen and desire to travel to Devikulam, you can do so at any point of time. Foreign tourists willing to visit incredible destination require visa permission from the Indian government. Also their passports must remain valid for up to six months from the date of arrival.

 Places to Visit

There are some very popular sightseeing places in Devikulam that are worth visiting. Given below are the important ones that you must not miss at all.

Sita Devi Lake is a prime tourist spot in Devikulam that boasts of unsurpassable scenic beauty. The crystal clear waters of the lake, the flowering shrubs and tall trees on the banks and the pleasant chirping of the birds make it a superb picnic spot. This lake got its name from Goddess Sita; it was believed that Devi Sita bathed in this lake when she was in exile with Lord Rama and Lakshmana. Also the Sita Devi Lake is rich in minerals and the water in the lake is believed to have therapeutic properties.

Pallivasal Waterfalls is a gorgeous natural waterfall located close to the Sita Devi Lake. The place is an enjoyable picnic spot to relish scrumptious food in the company of your family members. The splendid view of Pallivasal Waterfalls works as a magnetic pull for tourists.

Thoovanam Falls is Devikulam is a perfect destination for nature freaks and shutterbugs. The water from river Pambar falls from a height and the sight and sound of falling water is simply mesmerising. Thoovanam Waterfalls is surrounded by dense forests with sporadic flora and wild animals. The trekking trails here are a delight for outdoor lovers. Besides trekking, wildlife exploration is a very enjoyable activity for tourists at Thoovanam Falls.

Mattupetty Lake is an enchanting lake located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. The place is bordered by beautiful plantations and dense forested mountains. The pleasant weather and scenic surroundings of Mattupetty Lake makes it a must visit destination for travellers. Bird watching and boating are pleasurable activities at the lake.

Tea and Spice Plantations are the main crowd puller in Devikulam. Spread evenly over hundreds of acres of lands, these plantations are adorned with exotic varieties of trees. The aroma of the tea and spices engulfs you as you enter these plantations. Moreover the exotic flora and fauna surrounding the tea and spice plantations make Devikulam a haven for tourists.

Devikulam is also a great adventure destination for outdoor lovers. Tourists enjoy trekking in the verdant woods and mountain trails where they also enjoy the abundance of flora and fauna. Trout fishing is a very popular activity in Devikulam.

 Nearby Destinations

Munnar is an enthralling and spectacular hill station destination of Kerala that is located at just 8 kms from Devikulam. Located on the Western Ghats, it is surrounded by hilly terrains. There are countless sightseeing spots in Munnar. The idyllic destination of Munnar attracts domestic as well as foreign tourists.

Idukki is a perfect retreat for nature lovers located in the God’s Own Country. It is surrounded by verdant mountains and lush green landscapes. Idukki also has a rich historical significance that lures tourists to this nature’s paradise.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is located at 50 kms from Devikulam. This sanctuary is home to a large number of wild animals like sambars, elephants, gaurs and leopards. The endangered species of Star tortoise and Grizzled Giant Squirrel can also be found here. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit destination for wildlife and animal lovers.

 Food and Accommodation

Devikulam does not have any restaurants and eating joints. Tourists are dependent on the in-house restaurants of their hotels for their meals. These in-house restaurants serve gourmet food to their guests at favourable rates. Food lovers can visit the town of Munnar, located close by, to enjoy scrumptious spread of food in the restaurants there.

There are several guest houses run by government that provide comfortable stay to the travellers. There are just two hotels in Devikulam that offer basic facilities and services to their guests. The Pavithram Homestay provides rooms at INR 2000 onwards per person/night whereas in Sree Sailam Homestay, the rooms are available at INR 1000 onwards for each night. If you desire a good and luxurious stay, head to Munnar.