Gahirmatha Beach is one of the beautiful destinations in the state of Orissa. The beach is symbolic of the nature’s splendour and is highly admired by nature lovers from all corners of the world. The Gahirmatha Beach is located amidst the Bhitarkanika mangroves and Bay of Bengal, making the surroundings very picturesque for the visitors. The long stretches of the coastline and lovely sandy shores are ideal for enjoying the beachside activities. Moreover the serene and pristine environment will leave you completely rejuvenated. The Gahirmatha Beach is renowned worldwide for being a superb nesting place for Olive Ridley sea turtles. It is also the only marine wildlife sanctuary of the state of Orissa. This makes the beach a prime attraction for holiday makers from each and every corner of the world.

 Location : State/District

Gahirmatha Beach is located under the district of Kendrapara in the Indian state of Orissa. The latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of Gahirmatha Beach are 20.2375⁰ North and 84.2700⁰ East respectively.

 Destination Type

Gahirmatha Beach is an incredible beach location of Orissa that is famous for Olive Ridley sea turtles.

  Family Vacation

Gahirmatha Beach is the right place to enjoy vacations with your close friends and family. There is so much to do and see at the Gahirmatha Beach that visitors can’t seem to get enough of this beachside paradise. The place is perfect weekend destination for the crowd living in the nearby cities. Being the world’s most significant nesting beach, the Gahirmatha Beach is also a chosen destination for both domestic and International tourists.

 Weather Information

Summers at Gahirmatha Beach extends from March to May. The weather is moderately hot and the temperature is quite bearable for visitors. With tolerant heat, summers are also comfortable at Gahirmatha Beach. Monsoon starts from the month of June in Gahirmatha Beach and continues till August. The place receives good rainfall during this time and the beauty of the place during monsoons will leave you spellbound. Even though the sea looks fierce with the advent of the rains, it is safe to holiday in Gahirmatha Beach during this time. The months from November to February is marked as winter season in Gahirmatha Beach. The climate remains pleasantly cool without being chilly. Winter time is pleasant at the beach side. Gahirmatha Beach with ideal weather conditions in all seasons can be visited any time of the year. However the best time to get the awesome view of the Olive turtles you must visit the place from mid-October to mid-February.

 Travelling Requirements

Indian citizens can holiday in Gahirmatha Beach anytime of the year without requiring any permission for the same. However tourists visiting from outside the country, need to take visa permission from the governing body of India. They must submit a fully detailed visa application while mentioning the duration and purpose of the visit. Only after getting visa clearance, foreign nationals can visit the stunning beach of Gahirmatha.


The unending shoreline and wonderful sandy shores make Gahirmatha Beach an ideal destination for travellers who love spending time close to the sea. The beach is a good picnic spot to enjoy the view of the never ending sea from the shores. Watching the surging of the waves while lying on the soft sands gives a very relaxed feeling. Tourists also get an opportunity to watch the magnificent view of sunrise and sunset from the shores. Playing with the sand is a delightful activity for children.

The beachside being a world famous nesting ground, the place is declared as a turtle sanctuary. During the months of November till February, tourists can spot the spot thousands of turtles at the beach side. The sight of mass-nesting of the Olive Ridley sea turtles in such a large number is overwhelming and simply incredible. This has also made Gahirmatha Beach a major attraction for tourists from all over the world.

 Places to Visit

The Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary is the prime destination for tourists visiting the beachside. This marine sanctuary is also declared as the sole turtle sanctuary by the Odisha government in the year 1979. The sanctuary is spread on an area of 1435 sq kms and extends from Dhamra river in the north to the river Mahanadi in the south. The Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary is home to diverse flora and fauna and holds great ecological significance.

Bhitarkanika National Park is a very popular park located at a distance of 35 kms from the Gahirmatha Beach. This national park stands at number two position in the mangrove ecosystem of India. The Bhitarkanika National Park is an ideal place to sight kingfishers, crocodiles, barking deer, leopard, bear and samber to name a few.

The Shiva Temple located close to the Gahirmatha Beach is a prime religious destination. Built during the 9th century, it is one of the oldest temples of the region and is crowded by Lord Shiva followers all year round.

Paradip Port is one of the largest ports of the country. This port serves as a connector between the central and eastern part of the country. The Paradip Port is visited by tourists in large number.

Sarala Temple falls under the category of the oldest temples of the country. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati who is worshipped in this region as Devi Sarala. The Sarala Temple is symbolic of the true architectural and cultural wonder of India during the ancient times.

 Food and Accommodation

Gahirmatha Beach has an array of restaurants spread around the beachside. There are also few local eateries that serve delectable Oddisi cuisine and are definitely worth trying. For a more delightful eating experience, tourists can also visit the nearby towns.

Tourists cannot find accommodations at the Gahirmatha Beach, which makes this place more unique. Visitors can easily find a choice of their accommodations in the nearby towns. The hotels range from luxurious to low cost staying options. Some of the plush properties include the Hotel Excellency, Hotel Pal Regency, Trident Bhubaneswar and Empires Hotel. The names under the category of mid-range hotels include VITS Hotel Bhubaneswar, The Crown and Mayfair Convention. Budget conscious travellers can check out the Paradeep International Hotel and Golden Anchor Hotel.

 Safety and Security

None, except for those applicable to all beachside destinations.