Kappad Beach is also known as ‘Kappakkadavu Beach’ is one of the captivating beaches of Kerala. Kappad Beach has great historical significance as it was on this beach that Vasco de Gama, the renowned world explorer first sailed in during the year 1498. There is a stone monument called as ‘Kappakkadavu’ by the locals, present on the beach that commemorates this significant event. Kappad Beach is a pristine and charming beach destination that is also known to be the gateway to the coast of Malabar. Holidaying in this unspoilt and scenic beach will leave you feeling enchanted and bewildered.

 Location : State/District

The district of Kappad Beach is Kozhikode and is located in the Indian state of Kerala. The latitude of Kappad Beach is 11.2360⁰ N while the longitude coordinates of the beach is 75.4330⁰ E.

 Destination Type

Kappad Beach is a mesmerising beach destination in the state of Kerala, in India.

  Family Vacation

The serene environment of Kappad Beach makes it a perfect destination for nature lovers. This seaside heaven is also ideal for holidaying in the company of your loved ones. Holidaying in Kappad Beach is a welcome break away from the stresses of city life. Kappad Beach is also renowned for its Ayurvedic treatments and tourists come here from all over the world.

 Weather Information

Summer time at Kappad Beach starts from March and continues till the month of May. This time the weather is hot and humid, but tourists can have a pleasant stay. Monsoons are marked with heavy rainfall and prevail from the months of June to September. Beach side activities are completely suspended and therefore this time is best avoided to vacation in Kappad Beach. Winter season remains from November till February. The weather is very pleasant and rejuvenating. The days remain moderately cold while the night gets slightly chilled. The best time to enjoy both sightseeing and beach activities at Kappad Beach is from October to May.

 Travelling Requirements

Indian citizens can vacation in Kappad Beach at their convenience. However tourists visiting from outside India need to take visa permission from the Indian government. They must submit a visa application, along with passport and other travel documents. Only after getting approval foreign nationals can visit the enthralling Kappad Beach.


Kappad Beach is an excellent place for swimming and sunbathing. An interesting feature that distinguishes it from the other beaches of Kerala is the presence of a moss covered rock, which protrudes into the sea. The beach side is very quiet and un-crowded making you easily get away from all the worldly tensions and lets you find your own inner space. The tranquillity of the place will transform you into some other world, you always dreamt of going to. Watching the clear sky, gushing waves and feeling the cold sea breeze gives a very fascinating feel.

There is a temple close to the rocks on the beach that the locals believe is about 800 years old. Dedicated to Goddess Devi, this temple has immense religious importance amongst the locals as well as the visitors. The beauty of the place is captivating and a perfect spot for photo fanatics. The view of sunrise and sunset is also worth watching. Owing to its historic significance, tourists at the Kappad Beach definitely visit the stone pillar that bears an inscription to mark the arrival of the famous Portuguese explorer.

The backwaters of Kozhikode are still un-spoilt destinations that retain its original charm. The Kallai River and Elathur are ideal spots for boating that is situated close to the Kappad Beach. The view of sun slowly setting into the horizon and its reflection into the waters is truly mesmerising. This stunning boat ride is very famous activity at Kappad Beach among the tourists visiting the place.

 Places to Visit

Thikkoti Lighthouse is one of prominent landmarks of Calicut that is crowded by visitors all year round. The lighthouse is a 33.5 meters high structure that was constructed in the year 1847. The top of the lighthouse offers picturesque view of the colossal rock formation called as ‘Velliyamkallu’ and other scenic surroundings.

Pazhassiraja Museum is a must visit destination that is located close to the Kappad Beach. The museum houses numerous archaeological and historical artefacts that include old paintings, antique bronzes, ancient umbrella stones and gold coins. The Pazhassiraja Museum is greatly admired by the tourists.

Another popular museum is the Krishna Menon Museum. This museum was built in 1975 to honour V.K. Krishna Menon, a prominent Indian leader. The museum displays some of the outstanding paintings, ivory objects, intricate woodcarvings and Kerala mural paintings. A section of this museum also preserves the personal belongings and souvenirs gifted to V.K. Krishna Menon.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful sanctuary that houses about 100 varied species of native birds and about 60 different species of migratory birds. The sanctuary is located above a cluster of islands and River Kadalundi flows across it. The place is locally known as the ‘Kadalundi Nagaram’ and is well known for its diversified flora and fauna. This bird sanctuary is a not-to-be-missed destination for nature and bird lovers.

 Food and Accommodation

Kappad Beach offers the best of Kozhikode cuisine. The Malabar Biryani and Halwa, a dessert speciality is a must try, while staying at the Kappad Beach. Tourists particularly relish the food side stalls lined at the Mittai Theruvu. The wafer thin banana chips is a speciality of the place and besides tasting, make sure to pack some of these with you. Some popular eating joints around Kappad Beach are Curry House, Renaissance, Sagar Restaurant, Downtown Cafe, Oottupura, K R Bakes and Kerala Curry House.

There is no dearth of accommodation options at Kappad Beach. For travellers looking for low cost staying options there are choices like Calicut Tower, Ponnu Tourist Home, Hotel Span, Metro Tourist Home and Paradise Tourist Home. These hotels have rooms priced below INR 1500 for a night. Some of mid-range accommodations that give value for money are Krishnaleela Homestay, Vasco Dagama Beach Resort, Hyson Heritage, Atalas Inn, Kadavu Resort and The Westway Hotel Calicut. The room rent in these hotels varies between INR 3500-5000 for a night. Kappad Beach also has good choices in luxurious hotels category for visitors looking for a world class staying experience. Some good properties around Kappad Beach with room rent starting from INR 5000 onwards per night are Pushpa Raag, Eagle Crest Homestay, The Gateway Hotel Beach Road and Kadavu Resort.

 Safety and Security

During high tide the beach is at a distance of only 30 meters from the sea, whereas during low tide, the distance increases to about 80 meters. It is therefore advisable to enquire local people about the high or low tide, before entering the sea.