The Konark Beach in Orissa rightfully finds its name under the finest beach destinations of the world owing to its striking sandy shores and sparkling waters. This pristine beach is a favourite destination for travellers from within and outside the country. Konark Beach is known for its divine tranquillity and serene environment that will relax your mind and soul. The famous sun temple of Konark is located at just 3 kms from the beachside and is a significant religious destination for Hindus. Also the Magha Saptami Mela is celebrated at Konark Beach with great pomp and show. A vacation at the spectacular Konark Beach will offer you a complete holidaying experience.

 Location : State/District

Konark Beach is located in the Indian state of Orissa, under the district of Puri. The latitude of Konark Beach is 19.8679⁰ N while the longitudinal coordinates remain at 86.1080⁰ E.

 Destination Type

Konark Beach is a splendid beach destination of the eastern India.

 Family Vacation

The beautiful beachside of Konark is a perfect destination for family holidays. The beach is packed with activities and numerous worthwhile sightseeing places around to keep the visitors happily engaged.

 Weather Information

The most suitable time to holiday in Konark Beach is from the months of October till March. The weather during this time remains cool with temperature ranging between 25⁰C to 30⁰C. Light cotton clothes are only required during this time. Summer time in Konark Beach lasts from April to September. The place gets really hot and humid during this time with temperature rising up to 42⁰C. Therefore tourists must avoid visiting Konark Beach during summers.

 Travelling Requirements

If you are an Indian citizen you can travel freely to the beautiful destination beach of Konark. Foreign tourists willing to holiday here however need to apply for visa, seeking the permission from the Indian government to visit this splendid destination. They require submitting a correctly filled visa application along with other required travel documents and a photocopy of their passport.


The Konark Beach is an ideal destination for soaking and relaxing under the sun, close to the music of the sea waves. Swimming at the beach is not advisable as the waves are very strong. Holiday makers love taking long, leisure walks on the soft sandy shores with cool sea breeze sweeping past their faces. Adventure and outdoor enthusiasts can also try the thrilling water sports rides available at the beach side. Some of the resorts also conduct scuba diving tours for their in-house guests.

The view of sunrise and sunset from the beach side is awe-inspiring that can only be experienced and not expressed in words. Visitors also enjoy watching the activities of the local fishing fleet and also try their hands at fishing. The ambience of Konark Beach is so serene that it will make you forget all your tensions and worries. It is a perfect place to re-energize your spirits.

 Places to Visit

The Sun Temple at Konark is one of the most incredible and magnificent monuments depicting the religious architecture in the world. This temple has also been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Konark Temple is dedicated to the Sun God, Lord Surya and was built in the 13th century. The structure of this temple resembles a chariot, a three-tier structure pulled by seven horses and is worth admiring. The Sun Temple is crowded by devotees in large number from far and wide. The Mahadevi Temple is a small shrine dedicated to the wife of Lord Surya, in the southwest corner of the temple enclosure is also worth visiting.

The museum of Archaeological Survey of India is another popular tourists spot, located just outside the Sun Temple. The museum holds a brilliant selection of carvings and sculptures collected from the ruins of the Sun Temple.

The Ramachandi Temple is another important religious destination that is located at a distance of 10 kms from the Sun Temple. This famous temple is located on the banks of Kushabhadra River. The place is a superb picnic spot and offers spectacular views.

Kuruma is a small and beautiful village that is located at a distance of 8 kms from the main town of Konark. The village is well-known owing to the recent excavations that brought out some rare and ancient Buddhist antiques.

Chaurasi is the home of Barahi, the Mother Goddess who has the face of a boar. The deity is worshipped in a temple that was built during the 9th century. The temple also houses the shrine of Laximinarayan and Amareshwar.

 Food and Accommodation

Dhabas are the popular, small eating joints spread around the Konark Beach and main market area. These food stalls serve a wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The special delicacy called fish fry cooked in the Bengali style is a must try. There are also some restaurants scattered around Konark Beach that serve all kinds of cuisines to the guests. Some of the famous eating joints are The Gajapati, Bhojohori Manna, Wildgrass Restaurant, Aquarium Restaurant, Bakers Boutique and Chung Wah Restaurant.

Being an important tourist destinations, hotels in and around Konark Beach are booked during the season time, so do not forget to make bookings in advance. There are numerous lodges around Konark Beach like Konark Lodge, Royal Lodge and Traveller’s Lodge that provide decent rooms at a charge of INR 200 for a night. Visitors can also find budget-friendly accommodations with good facilities. Some of the names in this category include Surya Inn, Yatri Niwas Konark, Panthanivas Konark and Sun Villa Konark. For travellers seeking luxury can check out the exotic resorts located close to the Konark Beach. These resorts are equipped with world-class facilities and the cottages in these resorts are available for INR 4500 and reach up to INR 10,000 for a night.

 Safety and Security

Visitors must avoid swimming in the sea at Konark Beach as the waves hit with a strong force that can turn to be dangerous.