The native village of Kumarakom is a paradise for tourists with picturesque beauty and locations. This popular holiday destination is located in the Indian state of Kerala. It is suitably placed at the backdrop of Lake Vembanad that is also the largest freshwater lake in Kerala. Kumarakom is easily accessible by road, rail, air or boat.

 Location - State / District

Kumarakom is a cluster of small villages located about 16 kilometres from the city of Kottayam, in the state of Kerala. The latitude of Kumarakom is 9.5833°N and the longitude is 76.4333°E.

 Destination Type

Kumarakom is an enchanting backwater destination for tourists. Surrounded by Vembanad Lake it is one of the most beautiful picnic spots that offers an unparalleled sightseeing, fishing and boating experience.

 Family Holidays & Honeymoon Destination

It is a perfect destination for family holidays. The beauty of the place relaxes both the mind and the body. The private and state-of-the-art houseboats located all around the lake, even make it a superb destination for honeymooning couples.

 Weather Information

Kumarakom experiences moderate climate all through the year. The weather is much like a balanced tropical climate and the temperature normally remains in between 22-34 degree Celsius. The best month to plan a trip to Kumarakom is between November-March. However, the place is flanked by tourists all year round. It is best to carry loose-fitting cotton clothes while you plan the trip to Kumarakom.

 Travelling Requirements

For the people of India, travelling to Kumarakom requires no travel documentations. Foreign tourists should carry their passport and visa. It is important that the passport should be valid for six months from the date of return of the visit to Kumarakom.

 Activities in the Tour

Most of the holiday tour packages to Kumarakom are inclusive of boating, fishing and yachting facilities. It also includes full tour of the lake and the adjoining areas. Some of the tourist packages also arrange for sightseeing at the famous Bird Sanctuary of Kumarakom. It takes you to a 2-hour rowing canoe trip that gives you an insight into a world of migratory birds. This place is like a paradise for bird lovers. The best time to visit the sanctuary is early morning or evening.

Kumarakom is also home to varied flora and fauna. The village is lined with mangrove trees, coconut groves and paddy fields. The houseboat cruise from Kumarakom to Alappuzha, on the Lake Vembanad is very popular activity in the whole of Kerala. Owing to its popularity, it is also represented as mascot of Kerala tourism.

 Must-do activities

The boat races in Kumarakom are another not-to-be-missed activity when you visit this enthralling village of Kerala. At the time of boat races, the place is filled with revelry and festivity. The villagers participate in the race with full enthusiasm. Another must-see places in Kumarakom includes a trip to the unique Bay Island Driftwood Museum. The museum holds some of most rare sculpture and is a treat for artists. Also the village of Kumarakom is lined with interesting antique shops that display a wide range of items like traditional stuffs, household utensils and old gramophones.

Ayurveda is another popular attraction at Kumarakom that lures tourist from every corner of the world. After your discovery of the enchanting village of Kumarakom, nothing is more rejuvenating than a session of Ayurvedic therapy. Kerala has always been a popular destination for its holistic Ayurvedic treatments. There are countless healthcare centres and Ayurvedic spas scattered in and around Kumarakom. These Ayurvedic centres provide excellent service that will completely relax your mind and body.

 Nearby Destinations

The trip to Kumarakom is incomplete without witnessing the beauty of Pathiramanal. This small island located between Alappuzha and Kumarakom offers picturesque beauty and is also home to the rarest migratory birds. Pathiramanal is only accessible by boat and is approximately 5 km from the destination of Kumarakom.

Located 10 kilometres form Kumarakom; Aymanam is a small village that is blessed with Nature’s beauty. This stunning village is covered with rice fields and the drive down to Aymanam from Kumarakom is superbly delightful for Nature lovers.

The Nattakom and Panachikkadu Reservoirs should also top your must-visit places, in and around Kumarakom. The reservoir offers the most scenic beauties and is also a place to sight migratory birds. Take a boat ride from Kumarakom to the reservoirs and enjoy the tranquil villages that pass your way.

 Food & Accommodation

Kumarakom is provided with best accommodation for tourists to make your stay more pleasurable. The Kumarakom Lake Resort and Vivanta by Taj –Kumarakom are most popular 5-star properties and are priced anywhere between 11000 – 18000 INR per room/night. Besides there are also several budget hotels located in and around Kumarakom. The rooms are clean and neat and equipped with facilities to make your stay enjoyable. The budget friendly hotels come is cheap and can range from 2000 – 5000 INR per room/night.

Satiate your taste buds with the local cuisine that is easily available at the local restaurants. Some of the popular eating joints that you must try are Grannery Restaurant, Cocobay Restaurant, Lakshmi Restaurant, Ettukettu and Cordon Bleu. These eateries offer you world-class eating experience with the most delightful cuisine served in a pleasant ambience. Appam and Karimeen are two very popular local dishes that are extremely in demand and relished by all.